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No more currywurst: Volkswagen is going meat-free

The VW currywurst has been an integral part of the Volkswagen works canteen for decades. Now the legendary sausage, made by VW itself, is disappearing from the canteen in Wolfsburg.

After the factory vacation on 20.8. some employees of the car company will have to adapt, because as it is now stated in an internal announcement, the company restaurant in the brand high-rise will be meat-free in the future - there are around 30 other company canteens in Wolfsburg alone. Fish is only occasionally added to the range, otherwise the approximately 150 dishes in the works canteen do not contain any meat - for example in the form of vegetable bowls, curries, pasta dishes or burgers with patties made from jackfruit or aubergines.

Employees want vegetarian and vegan food

The employees play a decisive role in the end of the currywurst. According to information from the information letter, they wished for more vegetarian and vegan dishes. At the same time, the company wants to present itself in a more sustainable way, since less meat consumption also benefits the environment. The almost meat-free concept had already been implemented at the Hanover location.

, However, the employees in Wolfsburg don't have to completely mourn "their" currywurst. The cult sausage will continue to be offered in other canteens, including ones on the other side of the street – but also, like in the other canteens, as a vegetarian and, more recently, as a vegan alternative.

No more meat from factory farming from 2025

As early as 2020 there was a moderate uprising at VW because the sausage was no longer offered daily from the morning. The self-service with the sausage tongs from the warming tubs no longer met the Corona-related hygiene standards. After the intervention of the employee representatives, the sausage was again served daily in some canteens in a corona-compliant manner.

Almost at the same time, in May 2020, according to VW CEO Herbert Diess, a creative team was founded with the task of bringing more quality to the plate. "To date, over 400 new recipes have been developed and tasted. Less meat, more vegetables, better ingredients - immense progress, much more contemporary. Good food is important, it is crucial for health, mood and thus also for productivity employees," says Diess. From 2025, the carmaker also wants to do without meat from factory farming.

Seven million currywurst per year

In 2019, VW's own butcher shop produced around seven million currywurst and more than 550 tons of ketchup. By the way, the VW currywurst "original part" even has its own product number. Under "199 398 500 A" retailers can order the "Currybockwurst", as it is officially called, from the group's own catalogue.

Since 1950, the VW butchery has initially only supplied the workers with sausages, including Krakauer, Fleischkäse, bouillon or meat sausage. The company even had its own farm at one time - the farm was closed at some point, but the butcher shop remained. Now the pork comes from the region and is produced without phosphates, milk protein and glutamate and with comparatively little fat. In 1973, the VW currywurst was served for the first time, based on a top-secret seasoning mixture from the Gewürzwerk Raps in Kulmbach.


After the combustion engine, the currywurst at VW must now also die – because the employees want it that way and because it is sustainable. And, since VW still offers cars with combustion engines and electric motors, the currywurst in Wolfsburg is still available in a canteen. It's right across the street. Exercise is good too!


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