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BMW iX3 facelift (2021): facelift for electric SUVs

After only six months, BMW is bringing a facelift to the iX3. In addition to minor changes in the interior, the look in particular will be renewed, the M package is now standard.

After the regular BMW X3 gets a regular facelift halfway through the product cycle (all details in this report ), the facelift measures for the power derivative iX3 are not particularly surprising. Although the iX3 has only been available from dealers since early 2021, it logically gets the same visual updates.

These updates are quite extensive, because BMW is not just remodeling the aprons a bit. As has now become a tradition at BMW, the kidney grille grows with the facelift, which indicates the electrification with blue accent surfaces on the inside. The inner part is covered in contrast to the burners.

The headlights, which are ten millimeters flatter, correspond to those of the regular X3 facelift and feature state-of-the-art technology. In the future, the iX3 will have adaptive LED headlights with matrix function, cornering lights and high-beam assistant as standard. It gets even brighter with the optional laser light, which, according to BMW, illuminates the road with a range of up to 650 meters.

Laser light with a range of 650 meters

The M sports package with a special front apron design and a larger, flap-controlled air intake for cooling the drive components and brakes will also be standard for the Vollstrom-X in the future. Blue decorative elements here too (in the side parts of the apron), whereas the previous blue highlighting of the side skirts is no longer necessary. A look at the rear reveals the new three-dimensional taillights, which are very different from those of the previous model. The unavoidable electric blue can be found here in the lower, side covers of the apron, where the tailpipes are located on the combustion model.

The updates continue inside, some of which also correspond to those of the regular X3. The live cockpit (which is standard on the iX3) has a diagonal that has been increased to 12.3 inches, and the controls in the center console have been revised, and the start/stop button is now also there. Another standard element of the iX3 are sports seats with perforated Sensatec upholstery in two selectable colors (black and cognac), the leather interior can be ordered in a total of three colors, each with blue contrasting stitching.

Two equipment lines, lots of standard extras

In general, depending on how you read it, BMW is particularly generous or particularly efficient when it comes to bundling packages. Because the only two equipment lines offered contain a great many details for which BMW customers would usually have to click through the configurator for a long time.The "basic" variant Inspiring has, among other things, metallic paint, aerodynamic wheels in 19 inches, adaptive chassis, automatic tailgate, automatic climate control, M leather steering wheel, electric seat adjustment and a panoramic glass roof on board. The Impressive equipment package includes acoustic glass, 20-inch wheels, leather interior, a Harman Kardon sound system and a head-up display.

The drive technology of the iX3, on the other hand, remains untouched in the facelift, anything else would have been surprising. Because the electric SUV already had the latest technology from the market, such as that used in the BMW i4, with a very efficient and compact, fully integrated electric drive on the rear axle, as well as the latest battery technology from the brand, which compared to the i3 has a 20 percent power-to-weight ratio has gained weight. In our driving report on the iX3 we presented the technology in detail.

iX3 – start of sales and price

Accordingly, in terms of range (officially 460 kilometers) and driving performance (0-100 in 6.8 seconds, vmax 180 km/h) the pre-facelift values ​​remain the same. BMW has not yet announced the start of sales for the new iX3, but you should probably not expect it to arrive at German dealers before the turn of the year 2021/22. The start of production has been announced for September, when Chinese customers will probably initially be supplied from the iX3 plant in Shenyang. Prices have not yet been determined either.


Of course, the regular facelift after three years of construction was to be expected for the BMW X3. It was also to be expected that the electric iX3 would not be able to continue with the old shell, even though it has only been on the market for a few months. Due to the production in China, which will not start until autumn anyway, it will take a while for new iX3 owners to recognize their pre-facelift model. The facelift does not change anything in terms of the electric drive and storage, the most modern group technology was already installed here in the previous model.


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