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1968 BMW-Glas 3000 V8 being auctioned by Mecum in Monterey

BMW brought some legendary coupés onto the market after the Second World War. The line of ancestors had its origin in this beauty from Dingolfing. A BMW Glas 3000 V8 will be auctioned shortly.

Not only BMW fans get excited when they think of the CS coupés of the E9 series. Or the 6 Series of the E24 generation. Not to mention the 8 Series E31, which was also available with a V12 engine. If you are looking for the origin of this line of ancestors, you will end up with the 3200CS from 1962, which, however, can only be regarded as their germ cell to a limited extent. After all, this is technically still based on the baroque angel. In order to track down another source, you have to turn off in the direction of Lower Bavaria - to Hans Glas GmbH from Dingolfing.

Glas was an agricultural machinery and two-wheeler manufacturer who also tried to build cars after the Second World War. Several other series followed the legendary Goggomobil from 1952, but the company ran into difficulties in the mid-1960s. Among other things, because the Lower Bavarians brought a very elaborately designed and produced luxury class coupé onto the market with the 2600 V8, but the sales of which left a lot to be desired. BMW, which had been in a very similar situation a few years earlier, seized the opportunity and took over Hans Glas GmbH in autumn 1966 in order to increase its own production capacities.

From the Glas 2600 V8 to the BMW Glas 3000 V8

As a result, the Munich company not only secured the plant, which is still very important for the brand today, but also received the rights to the automobiles from Dingolfing. Since the technically antiquated 3200CS had meanwhile been phased out and there were no large coupés in the model range, BMW made it very easy for itself during this phase: the Upper Bavarians took the two-door model from Glas, stuck BMW emblems on the bonnet, the rear and the chrome hubcaps and upgraded it BMW glass 3000 V8 on. The model existed as this until May 1968.

Of course, the wonderful coupé designed by the Italian designer and coachbuilder Frua was not granted mega success. Not even 400 copies of the 2+2-seater, reverently known as the "Glaserati", were made. One of them is this red representative, whose condition could hardly be better. This is not only due to the complete restoration that has now taken place, but also to the fact that it has spent more than 20 years in a Berlin car museum. The BMW Glas 3000 V8 is now being auctioned off by the Mecum auction house in Monterey, California. The estimated price is between 100,000 and 110,000 dollars (about 85,000 to 93,500 euros).

Three-liter V8 with 160 hp

The model designation describes the (rounded up) displacement of the V8 engine, which is equipped with three downdraft double carburettors, two belt-driven camshafts and a retrofitted electronic ignition. The engine delivers 160 hp and a maximum torque of 235 Newton meters.Power is sent to the De Dion rear axle via a four-speed manual gearbox, where it is transferred to the ground via 185 Michelin XVS tires mounted on 14-inch rims. The same wheel and tire combination is used at the front; There are also disc brakes and independent suspension all round.

Although the Frua design is characterized by clear and unfussy lines, it's the details that make the BMW-Glas 3000 V8 desirable. Little things like the striking kidney-free radiator grille, the yellow fog lights or the Talbot mirror on the left front fender make the coupe a real specialty. Inside, the Lower Bavarian has black vinyl equipment, beige corduroy seat covers and a Becker Grand Prix radio. Speaking of details: the instruments have V8 logos and a glass horn button with a glass logo in Bavarian colors sits in the center of the steering wheel.


A glass? A BMW? The 3000 V8 is somehow both and a real exotic, which is correspondingly rare on the market. Friday 13th August is a rare opportunity to purchase a copy. It remains to be seen whether it will also be a good opportunity – in the literal sense.


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