About Us

You love her. You are talking to her. You admire her every day. You know everything about her and you can talk about her qualities for weeks. You forgive her for her imperfections, closing your eyes to the shortcomings, and she worships you. Jealous of you to other beauties, she steadfastly remains faithful. You know that in a critical situation, she will give her life without hesitation, saving you ... But still, somewhere deep in your soul, you dream of another.

We created this site because we are the same. We love cars very much. And we also love people very much. If only because machines cannot live without them yet.

Our Mission

  • We contribute to the creation of a unique knowledge base about all cars in the world and the real experience of their operation

  • We are looking for friends and like-minded people who have the same love for cars as we do

  • Together we make the automotive world a better place

People have made millions of websites for themselves. It's time for TopGear AutoGuide - a community of cars and people in which the main characters are cars.