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Saab is finally sold to Spyker by General Motors

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Like Saab on Tuesday (24.2 .) confirmed by the TT news agency, both sides signed the sales contract that had been negotiated for weeks.

Saab requested that the voluntary liquidation be lifted

As Spyker boss Victor Muller announced in Stockholm on, both sides have signed the sales contract that has been negotiated for weeks. 'From today on we will concentrate fully on Saab and turn it into a vital, profitable company, 'said Muller. Mainly because of long unsecure loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and guarantees from the Swedish government, the takeover was long considered unsafe.

Saab production is almost completely suspended

The Swedish company also applied on Tuesday at the court the annulment of the 'voluntary liquidation' initiated in January. It is a prerequisite for the restart of the almost completely idle production. Saab had sold just under 40,000 cars last year and, as a subsidiary of GM, has been in the red almost continuously since 1990. The company employs 3,500 people. Spyker itself produces high-quality sports cars in very small numbers in the Netherlands.

D he new owners want to achieve profitability with an annual production of 120,000 cars. Muller confirmed that the Russian Spyker supervisory board chairman Vladimir Antonov will not be allowed to participate in the Saab deal for six years under the terms of the purchase agreement with GM. The US secret service CIA had intervened at GM against his participation, because Antonov was alleged to have connections to Mafia circles.


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