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VW Sharan (2015) driving report

VW Sharan 2015 in the driving report
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B a James Bond once said that the world was not enough. If you are the chauffeur of a family of six, your motto could be: The Touran is not enough. Volkswagen has the Sharan in its portfolio for these cases. The newly launched model will be available from dealers from July 2015. We have already collected the first driving impressions for you.

VW Sharan with new technology

On the road, probably no one will turn around, nudge their companion and say: “Look, that is the new VW Sharan “. It's not because the car isn't worth seeing, but because I haven't changed much from the outside. The connoisseur only notices the new LED taillights or the new rim design. The innovations are invisible to other road users inside and under the hood of the family car.

VW will be offering the spacious van with new Euro6 engines in the future. The range includes two petrol engines with 150 and 220 hp and three diesels with 115, 150 and 184 hp. The pilot either engages the six gears himself, or he can install the dual clutch gearbox DSG. In addition, the Wolfsburg-based company is donating the latest infotainment including extensive smartphone integration and a whole range of assistants such as automatic distance control (ACC) and Front Assist with city emergency braking function.

VW Sharan 2015 is big and looks small

We got behind the wheel of a 2.0 TDI with 150 PS and made the Hanoverian area unsafe. It is particularly noticeable after the first few meters that the VW Sharan does not feel like a large car despite its generous dimensions (4.85 meters long, 1.71 meters high and almost 2 meters wide). The van circles through narrow village streets just as good-naturedly as it does over long motorway bends. But there are a few indications for the size. The engine reveals acoustically that it has to move around 1,770 kilos of automobile weight. In the first three gears the diesel growls a bit strained, from the fourth gear calm returns to the cockpit. The equally powerful petrol engine is a bit quieter, but with less torque. It also sits a little higher than in a Golf, of course. The all-round view is just as beneficial as the generous glass fronts. Thirst is also generous, however. The on-board computer provides for ourTest round the factory specifications of 5.0 to 5.1 liters (combined) compared to a consumption of 7.7 liters.

On the drive over very varied asphalt qualities, there is the opportunity to test the chassis settings of the VW Sharan. While in sport mode no excessive vibrations penetrate the spine, in the comfort setting it feels as if mended roads are being ironed out when driving over them. If, contrary to expectations, tension does develop, the massage seat will help.

The interior of the VW Sharan is as uncomplicated and clear as usual. The upgrading of the materials has also succeeded unobtrusively with the decorative elements. Only the cover of the upper storage compartment on the dashboard is made of hard plastic and somewhat dampens the impression of quality. Otherwise, the workmanship is excellent, the seats comfortable and the controls functional. The seats in the second and third rows can be folded down in no time and release a full 2,430 liters of luggage space.

VW Sharan likes iPhone and Android

The new infotainment system is making itself felt in VW Sharan very well. Both smartphone platforms can be quickly and easily integrated into the van via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto by simply plugging them into the USB port. Apps and mobile phone functions can be displayed and operated on the 5- or 6.5-inch touchscreen.

However, it is noticeable that there are basically two navigation systems available. When asked whether that makes sense, VW technology spokesman Sebastian Schiebe told auto motor und sport : “The smartphones' navigation systems have the great advantage of being constantly up-to-date and information on traffic jams. However, these systems cannot be used in areas with poor network coverage, and that's where the vehicle's navigation system comes into play and can take over. ”

The new models will be available from dealers from mid-July, with prices ranging from 32,000 euros for the basic petrol engine up to 43,950 euros, the top diesel with DSG transmission.


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