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VW Caddy 4 (2015) Driving report: New panel van under the microscope

VW Caddy 4 (2015) driving report
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B before a new car of the press and finally also is presented to the customer, it has to go through countless tests. The manufacturer wants to make sure that everything works perfectly. One of the last stations on the way to perfection is the acceptance run. Here technicians and board members assess whether the desired level has been reached and whether the car can be let loose on the customer.

VW Caddy 4 with up to 340 Nm torque

Anyone who thinks that one would cruise through the Lower Saxony lowlands with half-finished test cars is wrong. Plain is true, but the four available VW Caddy 4 already meet the highest standards. The main difference to the series: the simple, smooth, glossy hard plastic surfaces in the interior. Foaming and grain are still missing there, which makes the whole thing appear high-quality later. Otherwise, driving in an empty box two-seater is an experience. We learn: sheet metal box equals sound box.

It's much quieter in a station wagon on the bumpy slopes. On the one hand, VW has worked on the acoustic insulation and, on the other hand, has revised the suspension tuning. Changed spring and damper rates take some of the sharpness out of bumps. It makes sense, because the rigid axle at the rear allows high loads, but is not exactly considered to be velvety. Velvet-pawed - the two-liter TDI buzzes into consciousness. Well insulated, it unfolds its 340 Newton meters in the most powerful version of the VW Caddy 4 without annoying noise. TDI automatically means 2.0 in the Caddy, the 1.6 is not available. But there is a wide range of petrol engines, from the one-liter three-cylinder to the natural gas TGI. Standard on all models: Euro 6 with reduced consumption and the improved braking system of the modular transverse matrix. Modern assistance and infotainment systems (Car-Net and Mirrorlink) are available at an additional cost.


Actually, the fourth generation of the VW Caddy is not a completely new car, but rather a facelift. With a delicately revised look, a smoother chassis, modern assistance and clean, more economical engines.


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