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Volvo plans electric van for China based on the Zeekr 009

Volvo will be entering new segments in the Chinese market this year. The electric van is based on a model from the Geely sister company Zeekr.

Volvo is planning an electric powered MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) for the Chinese market. The car manufacturer confirmed corresponding reports from the Chinese media when asked. Accordingly, Volvo wants to present such a van in the third quarter of 2023; already in the fourth quarter it should come onto the market.

The Volvo MPV would then be a counterpart to the 5.21 meter long and six-seater Zeekr 009 (see slideshow); both brands belong to the Chinese Geely group. He also donated the technical substructure in the form of his SEA electric platform (SEA stands for "Sustainable Experience Architecture"). However, the Volvo van should have a much more elegant design than the rather brutal Zeekr. Orientation in this regard is provided by the Concept Recharge study from 2021, which serves as a design blueprint for most future Volvo models - including the new XC90 and its electric offshoot EX90 (see video).

544 hp and a range of 822 km

Should the Zeekr 009 actually serve as a technical model, impressive data can be expected for the Volvo van. Battery packs with a capacity of up to 140 kilowatt hours enable the all-wheel drive vehicle to have a maximum range of 822 kilometers. The two electric motors deliver 400 kW (544 hp) and offer the highest possible torque of 686 Newton meters. If necessary, it goes from zero to one hundred in 4.5 seconds, and the electronically limited top speed is 190 km/h. The aluminum chassis with electronically controlled air suspension, trimmed for comfort, is to be taken over by the Volvo.

It is said that it has not yet been decided whether the Volvo van will also come to Europe. However, this is difficult to imagine, since the segment – ​​in contrast to the Chinese market – has been in decline in our region for years. In addition, Volvo is traditionally strong in the SUV classes, which experience has shown to recruit a large proportion of their customers from former van customers and in which the Swedes will expand in the future anyway.


Volvo will soon break new ground in China with its electric MPV; there has never been a real van in the brand portfolio. The Zeekr 009 serves as a technical model, but the Swedes probably go their own way when it comes to design. However, it is unlikely that the van will also come to Europe.


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