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Used car check Hyundai ix20

Dani Heyne
Hyundai ix20 in the used vehicle check
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F it used to be somehow easier,' begins master Make a wish and laugh out loud: 'Now I sound like my grandpa,' he adds, explaining and washing down the knowledge with a sip of coffee.

It's still unusually quiet in the workshop The smell of fresh motor oil is in the air, the first rays of sun penetrate the glass roller doors. In front of it there is now a crystal white Hyundai ix20 in the Classic equipment. A four-door model from 2013 with a 1.4-liter petrol engine that has only run 27,800 kilometers. Also on board: a manual five-speed gearbox, air conditioning, the standard airbag package, on-board computer, a radio system that can read CDs and MP3s, and a trailer hitch. The first owner would like to part with the car - and would like to have 9,500 euros. We are interested in how well a five-year-old ix20 is still in shape. And master wish? He's still chewing on his thoughts from above.

“In the past, the automotive world was easy to survey. There were small, medium-sized, stately, sporty and a few off-road vehicles. Today, on the other hand, you stand in front of an ix20, for example, and don't know exactly which category it falls into. “With an exterior length of around 4.10 meters, it is definitely not a small car - but neither is it a typical compact one. And somehow it builds pretty tall. 'Interested car fans also know that Hyundai also has an i20 in its range - the flat version.'

Master Wünsch is taking a break, as if he were checking that nothing was missing in his opening. 'If I had to explain the essence of the ix20, I would describe it as a full-fledged small car that clearly tastes like a van.' That clearly explains the format of the ix20.

Lots of space and a sliding back seat

What is perhaps also worth mentioning: The ix20 has a blood brother, the Kia Venga. Both have easy entry and - for the size of the vehicle - plenty of space. In the Hyundai you travel in the front on comfortably high, long-distance seats. And since there is no center tunnel, the spacious rear also accommodates three adults without being unduly cramped. Leave the backrests of the rear row of seatsadjust the incline, move the whole piece of furniture asymmetrically divided lengthways. A sensible trick, as the rear passengers can easily sacrifice some of the ample knee room in favor of the trunk volume. “It's a talent few vehicles have - and obviously the first owner of this Hyundai was a decent contemporary. I can't find any flaws in the interior. Let's see how well the sheet metal of the ix20 is in shape. '

Dani Heyne
Inconspicuous: This is how you can describe the old-fashioned engines of the ix20 just like its stainless steel rear silencer.

While the master is looking for clues, we take a look at the issue of factory warranty. The Korean brand was a pioneer in the field, granting a full five years on this ix20. They are over in December - but that doesn't mean the end of the world. But it does mean that it is better to buy such a used vehicle from a dealer. Because by law he has to be liable for material defects for two years.

“Nothing to be found,” calls Master Wünsch and points to the body of the Hyundai: “Neither dents nor dents nor flaking paint. The gaps also look very good. 'Satisfied, he swings behind the wheel - the test drive is due.

' Let's see how the 1.4 does, 'calls the foreman and starts the petrol engine . It is the base engine of the ix20. A classic vacuum cleaner that has not yet been pepped up with a turbo. 16 valves adorn the four-cylinder, for a surcharge there was the abbreviation “Blue”, which describes the presence of an automatic start-stop system. However, it is not on board with this model.

'This engine is like a workhorse, it does its job without grumbling - but neither pulls sporty nor is it particularly economical', sums up Master Wünsch and is back in the workshop after a good quarter of an hour. “It's a shame that Hyundai didn't offer a six-speed manual transmission here. That was only available on the 1.6 and the two diesel versions. '

The metal tank can cause problems

Before the Hyundai goes on the lift, Master Wünsch steers it to the brake test bench.Here you will immediately see how evenly the ix20 decelerates axially. “Does he do well?” Diagnoses the master and drives the four-door onto the lift. Tires and brake pads are in good condition, the foreman cannot detect any damage to the shock absorbers and springs. He takes a lot of time checking the suspension of the front axle: “These stabilizer connecting struts here tend to deflect on this model, which is noticeable by rattling noises. We didn't hear anything during the test drive, but the parts show a slight play - that is still within the tolerance, but should be observed. '

Dani Heyne
Protected: The brake and fuel lines are in a special channel.

The second problem area the ix20 is its tank made of sheet metal. “There is nothing wrong with that - but then the rust protection has to fit. And he does that in the rarest of cases. This one is a good example. Do you recognize the traces of rust along the fold? ”Asks Master Wünsch and illuminates the area with his flashlight. 'Not a good sign.'

Air conditioning condenser in the rockfall area

The air conditioning condenser is a component of the air conditioning system - and sits behind the bumper like the engine cooler. There, however, stone chips can damage it, which leads to the failure of the air conditioning. It is therefore advisable to check the cooling performance during a test drive. If the air conditioning does not manage to generate noticeably cold air, the system is usually damaged. 'The replacement of a capacitor and the subsequent refilling of the system cost a few hundred euros,' explains Master Wünsch.

After he has also inspected the rest of the underbody, it comes out from under the car, beaming with joy: 'Up to the rusty tank, this specimen is in good shape. But I'm not surprised at the mileage either. '

That leaves us with a look at the used car prices. Comparable, five-year-old ix20 currently start at around 8,000 euros on the usual exchanges. Amazingly, there are some offers with less than 30,000 kilometers. If you want a 1.6 petrol engine, you have to have aboutPlan for 1,500 euros more.


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