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Toyota Prius Plus in the driving report: hybrid drive plus seven seats

Toyota Prius Plus in the driving report
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E there are still some interesting newcomers in the sector of eco vehicles. The new Toyota Prius Plus - Europe's first hybrid van - is one of them. After all, it combines sophisticated full hybrid technology with a typical Vantage seating concept.

For this purpose, Toyota has not simply put the normal Prius on the rack, but has developed a stylistically similar but completely new body. The Toyota Prius Plus is 13.5 centimeters longer and 8.5 higher, its wheelbase is eight centimeters longer. In order to accommodate the third row of seats, the technicians also threw the nickel-metal hydride battery used in the standard Prius overboard and packed an eight-kilo lithium-ion battery under the center console between the front seats.

Rear seats can be moved by 18 centimeters

And lo and behold - when a 1.80 meter tall passenger in the second row of the Toyota Prius Plus can slide his lengthways (18 cm) when the seat is adjusted to the knee, you can sit comfortably on the fixed, unfolded individual seats in the trunk. Only occupants with extra length should come to terms with the nearby roof.

Deficiency: Despite the simple folding mechanism, the access requires a little more flexibility and is not for grandma and grandpa. It should also be noted that the available storage space shrinks from a lush 505 to a rather modest 200 liters when fully occupied. The Toyota Prius Plus packs away a maximum of 1,750 liters suitable for DIY stores.

Toyota Prius Plus from 29,900 euros

On the other hand, the hybrid technology remained unchanged except for the battery change. A controller prompts the petrol engine and the electric motor to work individually or together (136 HP system output), feeds energy back into the battery and enables electric driving up to 50 km /h. Softly tuned and equipped with indirect steering, the Toyota Prius Plus is more of a comfortable companion. Consumption is more important than the sprint: According to NEDC measurements, it should consume a minimum of 4.1 L /100 km.

Large, variable, comfortable and economical - the Toyota Prius Plus has plenty of potential to attract customers interested in hybrid vehicles to attract. Only the all too high basic price of 29,900 euros could put you off.


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