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Testing the VW Multivan 2.0 TDI with 150 hp

As a powerful plug-in hybrid, the T7 made a good impression. But what about the 150 hp diesel? Test.

Actually, this Multivan 2.0 TDI Life would have deserved a few more lines. Why? Well, the EA288 evo sits behind its snout, which still takes some getting used to. A self-igniter. Spotlessly clean thanks to two SCR catalytic converters and a slim 150 hp. 360 Nm are available from 1600 tours, a seven-speed DKG with a short transmission below manages the gears quickly and very smoothly.

So no mild or plug-in hybrid, no charging cable flying around. That's why this Fortana-red T7 drives in the same way you know it from the Bulli: a slightly grumpy undertone, powerful in the city, engaged but rather sluggish. On the Autobahn, you quickly agree on a speed of between 150 and 160 km/h. So there is still a bit of power, and the two-litre, diesel-sounding, comfortably mumbles its fuel – not too much. On average, 8.5 l/100 km is enough. On the Eco lap, the TDI even left it at 6.2 liters of diesel - a top value.

Spacious and comfortable


Especially since we are reporting here on the 20 centimeters longer T7 version. The space for passengers, boxes, suitcases and prams is correspondingly opulent. Or all together. Since the rails mounted between the handsome carpets also stretch, the possible variance in seating combinations also increases. Vis-à-vis cruising with enough storage space behind? Not an issue, and as with the first test of the short plug-in, the conversion measures worked without bookmarks in the operating instructions or pinched fingers. The multifunction table, which is really worth its 696 euros, also whizzes around on rails. At the front, if necessary, as a center console with cup holders, at the back as a table with huge compartments. In everyday use, it is only noticeable that the two fold-out table surfaces are a bit small and have to do without rubber coating or edges that are raised on the sides. Although the comfortably bouncy bus does not attach importance to lively handling, pens or sandwiches sometimes slip.

Too lax on the brakes


So a five-star bus? Not quite. The combination of 17-inch Bridgestone Turanza and brake system doesn't really grab it. Almost 40 meters from 100 km/h and 68.1 meters from 130 – too slack for a VW bus, which already weighs 2,193 kilograms empty and can tow trailers weighing up to two tons. So please: check the brakes, possibly put different tires on them and then come back to the editorial office. Because, as written at the beginning: Such a Multivan always finds its place.


The T7 TDI drives economically, but not quickly, and brakes hesitantly - at a steep price. Otherwise it is a comfortably springy and spacious bus with a lot of utility.


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