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Potential Motors Adventure 1: compact camper under power

A compact camper that goes almost anywhere with its electric four-wheel drive is now from Canada. It was developed by the start-up Potential Motors.

Real off-road vehicles with their climbing abilities can now go almost anywhere, but you can't live in them. All-terrain campers often fail because of their sheer size when it comes to reaching off-road destinations. The Adventure 1 from Potential Motors from Hanwell in the Canadian province of New Brunswick is now intended to resolve the conflict of objectives.

Narrow, long, high, but 612 hp

The compact dimensions should make this possible. With a width of only 1.62 meters, the Adventure 1 is not only wiry, it also falls under the UTV classification under US law, i.e. it counts as a side-by-side vehicle and can therefore be used on almost all off-road paths. In order to still offer space for living, the Adventure 1 relies on length and height. With an overall length of 4.52 meters and a wheelbase of 2.67 meters, the proportions are unusual – long, tall and thin. Ideal for narrow trails. But also ideal for attaching it to a large camper as a dinghy – as a kind of second vehicle.,

Departure angles of 40 degrees at the front and 45 degrees at the rear, together with a ramp angle of 29 degrees, show that these can be quite demanding. The suspension travel on both axles is an impressive 25 centimeters, and the ground clearance is 33 centimetres. The entire underbody is covered with protective elements. Those who get stuck can use massive rescue hooks on both ends of the vehicle or the cable winch installed at the front. In addition, the dampers are electronically adjusted for off-road use. Enough power is also available for difficult passages. The electric motors on both axles together deliver almost 612 hp and provide a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm. The drive torque is distributed to each axle via a differential. With a battery size - the battery is located in the vehicle floor - of 70 kWh, the Adventure 1 should cover a good 160 kilometers in off-road operation. Potential Motors does not provide information on charging times, but assures that the camper can be charged according to levels 1, 2 and 3. In an emergency, the Adventure 1 crew can use the gas from the cooker reservoir to run a small generator and thus generate electricity to keep going.

Coming in 2025, starting at $136,600

Additional luggage and equipment can be accommodated on the integrated roof rack. Steps integrated into the body ensure easy access. Of course, the living equipment is very important in a camper. There are four seats and only two sleeping places on the fully integrated, fold-out bed. Below this is a kitchen and storage module with a two-burner gas cooker, sink, 40-litre fresh water tank and storage compartments. Around 2,500 liters of luggage can be accommodated across the entire interior.,

In the functionally designed cockpit there is a digital display for the driver, six large switches for important basic functions and a touchscreen in tablet format on the center console for all other operating functions.

The Adventure 1 from Potential Motors is initially only available in the USA and Canada at prices starting at 136,600 dollars (equivalent to around 136,700 euros). However, the Canadians only want to build very few copies, exact numbers are not given. If you want one of these, you can reserve a spot on the list for a deposit of $1,000. But he won't be able to receive his Adventure 1 until 2025 at the earliest.,


With the Adventure 1, Potential Motors from Canada has developed an extremely slim and extremely all-terrain off-road mobile home with electric drive. At around $137,000, however, the price is less slim, and the range of just 160 kilometers doesn't necessarily knock your socks off. In addition, the camper will only open to customers in 2025.


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