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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile: Quirky Airbnb overnight stay

Airbnb overnight stay in an Oscar-Mayer-Wienermobil
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S already said: “It's so delicious, I want to get in there?” This dream could now come true for many hot dog fans: On Airbnb you can book an overnight stay in a moving hot dog. The Wienermobil is in Chicago and belongs to the hosts “AlexanDog + Jake N'Bacon”, who have been driving through the USA with the rolling sausage bun in the past few months.

How do you sleep in a sausage on wheels ?

The two equipped the 8.22 meter long vehicle with the appetizing curves with a sofa bed behind the steering wheel. Two people can sleep comfortably in the front end of the sausage. There are numerous windows all around plus a sliding window on the roof so that you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings or the starry sky.

It's so cozy inside the moving hot dog.

The yellow and red pilot seats have been expanded and are now housed in the rear of the sausage. For example, you can have a coffee there in the morning. There is also a television on board, as well as a refrigerator filled with Oscar Mayer sausages - hot dog all you can eat is the motto in the Wienermobil. This makes the question of what is for breakfast superfluous.

The Hotdog Airbnb is equipped with everything you need to grill sausages. In front of the Wienermobile there are two chairs, a fireplace and an Oscar Mayer roller grill that you can take home with you afterwards. Who doesn't have sausage water in their mouths?

In addition, all guests receive a “welcome kit” with many hot dog accessories. It will certainly contain small whistles in the shape of a Wienermobile. The hotdoggers, as Wienermobile drivers are called, traditionally distribute these pipes, which in turn are called Wienerwhistles. Loud trills insteadKamelle.

What is this Wienermobile?

This example makes it clear what the Wienermobile actually is: A marketing machine for Oscar-Mayer's meat and sausage products. The Wienermobil was designed in 1936 under Oscar Mayer Junior's leadership. There is now a whole 'Viennese fleet' with Viennese mopeds and Viennese drones.

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Mayer-Senior was a butcher and German immigrant from Kösingen in the Ostalb region, who has built up a real meat empire with his sausage products since the company was founded in 1883. The company is now part of Kraft Foods.

Since the first version of the Wienermobil, the Oscar Mayer Company has had several versions of the vehicle built in the iconic hot dog shape. The basis for the motorized sausage in the 1950s was a Dodge and a Willis Jeep chassis. They can still be admired today in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. In 1969 the Wienermobile was based on a Chevrolet with the chic taillights from the Ford Thunderbird. In the nineties there was a specially built chassis with Pontiac Grand Am headlights.

Sausage on wheels: The Viennese mobiles have gone from market gag to absolute cult mobiles developed in the USA.

Since 2000, Wienermobiles have been built on the GMC W-Series and the Ram pickup, both with typical American V8 engines. Who can say of themselves that their sausage gives off such a distinctive babble? There is also a mini version from California: the smallest Wienermobile is based on the Mini Cooper S hardtop and has one1.6-liter turbocharger.

How do I get that dream night in the Wienermobil?

Get an appetite? A little warning: the path for hot dog lovers is paved with a few obstacles. The offer to stay overnight in the Wienermobile is limited to three appointments of one night each. Accommodation is only bookable from August 1-3, while the Lollapalooza Festival is taking place at Grant Park Chicago. Airbnb will activate the Wienermobil on July 24, 2019. Anyone who has always wanted to snuggle up in a sausage roll has to hold on.

The chill-out area in the rear of the Wurst with the two pilot seats.

The price for an overnight stay is a digestible US $ 136 plus tax. In addition to all the hot dogs, hair dryer, shampoo, soap and toilet paper are also included in the price. The bathroom doesn't seem to be in the vehicle, judging by the photos.

As a cherry or mustard on top, there is a special treat: Airbnb and Oscar Mayer use the Wienermobil as a mobile home find one-time, they will collectively donate $ 5,000 to a good cause. The money goes to the organization 'Rise Against Hunger', which aims to end world hunger by 2030.


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