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Opel Vivaro Combi 1.6 CDTI Biturbo in the test

Ingolf Pompe
Opel Vivaro Combi 1.6 CDTI Biturbo in the test
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E one of the nicest innovations in the Opel Vivaro consists in the fact that the antenna can now be folded flat on the roof and no longer clings to the ventilation pipes of underground garages. He was always a bit skeptical about the Vivaro, which is still identical to the Renault Trafic. The only engine is the 1.6-liter diesel with 90, 120 and 140 hp (five more hp each from early summer). Doubts as to whether its displacement is sufficient for a car with a gross vehicle weight of 2.7 tons blows away two turbos. Supported by the long, appropriately geared six-speed gearbox, the Opel Vivaro accelerates bravely with 120 hp, pulls decisively from 1,500 tours, remains economical with 8.0 l /100 km.

1,000 liter load volume

That makes 0.89 l per passenger, because nine adults can be accommodated in the space. Ten of the 21 centimeters increase in length to five meters was added for pedestrian safety, but especially in the rearmost of the three rows of three, travel is now more comfortable. Behind the rear doors there is space for 1,000 liters of luggage - 300 liters more than before. Anyone who heaves out the back seats has 5.2 cubic meters.

The tough suspension is designed for a few hundred pounds of luggage. The Opel Vivaro drives empty, bumpy, but surprisingly manageable, with early ESP control, safely and with that confident feeling of being overhead that no longer tears you out of antenna bongen in underground garages.


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