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Opel O-Team Zafira Life: Inspired by the A-Team

Opel O-Team Zafira Life
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E in a striking-looking van is one of the stars at this year's Opel meeting in Oschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt (until May 26th). The concept car is called Opel O-Team Zafira Life, is based on the brand new Zafira Life in a six-seater version with a medium wheelbase - and even has a chance of being implemented in series.

The O-Team Zafira Life is likely to be one of the most eye-catching Be Zafiras: A massive front bar, large wheels, foiled side windows and an independent rear wing deliberately evoke memories of a famous movie car. The A-Team drove its 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500 to countless missions to help the good and bring justice to the bad. In particular, the line that rises with a kink to the rear spoiler emphasizes the relationship between the Zafira Life of the O-Team and the Vandura of the A-Team. While the Airborne Special Operations Command of the United States Army calls its smallest sub-units A-Team, the 'O' in O-Team simply comes from Opel.

With neon yellow accents: The interior of the Opel O-Team Zafira Life.

Sport at the front, lounge at the back

The O-Team Zafira Life is also specially equipped on the inside: The occupants in the first row sit on sports seats from the Insignia GSi, while the second and third rows have cozy swiveling “ Captain's Chairs ”, which are covered with a combination of leather and Alcantara. The neon yellow of the outer side stripe is also found on the inside: the Opel logo in the center of the steering wheel impact absorber and the seat seams of the sports seats, for example, are contrasted in this way. According to the manufacturer, the color scheme is derived from the Opel GT X Experimental study. Otherwise, the special Zafira contains an 800 watt audio system with an additional power amplifier and everything that the surcharge list has

The body of the O-Team Zafira Life is a little lower and an air suspension works in the chassis, which can lower the vehicle further in the parking position by remote control. The 20-inch forged alloy wheels from BBS have four-piston brakes at the front with 380-millimeter discs. Michelin Cup 2 tires establish contact with the ground.

Sebastian Viehmann
Great role model: The 1983 GMC Vandura G-1500 of the A-Team.

V8 sound for four-cylinder diesel

For the O-Team Zafira Life's engine, Opel opted for the powerful 2.0-liter diesel with an output of 177 PS and a maximum torque of 400 Newton meters. Thanks to a sound module, a beefy V8 sound should spread around the vehicle. Many replicas of the GMC Vandura movie cars are also equipped with a V8, but the original from 1983 was a Vandura G-1500 - and it is on the road with an in-line six-cylinder. The Zafira unit is coupled to an eight-speed automatic.

The specialists from Opel Special Vehicles built the O-Team Zafira Life - they are normally responsible for building trade fair and advertising vehicles. The van is certified by TÜV with all attachments and, according to Opel, therefore has a chance of series production. There is still no information about possible prices and a market launch.


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