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Opel Combo 1.4 Turbo in the test

Dani Heyne
Opel Combo 1.4 Turbo tested
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D this Opel combo is a Fiat through and through Everyone knows Doblo by now. It's no secret that the brand with the lightning bolt is buying from the Italians. While earlier combos were based on the Corsa and from today's perspective were comparatively stingy with the issue of space, the current version is almost half a Bulli. Brand: 'Square, Practical, Good'. The everyday test shows whether the latter is correct.

Space? Plenty. Everywhere!

Before we explore the combo, a little basic knowledge: There are two wheelbases and two roof heights to choose from. While the short one (4.39 meters long) is available as a five- or seven-seater (test car in our everyday check), the long one (4.74 meters long) is only available with five seats, but always with a larger trunk. The standard roof height is 1.88 meters - it can optionally be extended by around 25 centimeters. If you find the one-piece tailgate impractical, you can order two rear doors.

Dani Heyne
The functionality is right up here, there are shelves above the sun visors

So, now finally into the living room. Yes, yes, it is airy here. Also in row two, which is hidden behind two sliding doors. The box shape gives an impressive sense of space on all seats. A practical storage compartment sits enthroned above the first row, the optional navigation system comes with a practical holder that is inserted directly into the dashboard - including a power connection. Very exemplary.

The trunk of our test car is hidden behind a huge flap (leave enough space to the rear when parking!) That goes up impressivelyfloats and can easily protect a children's birthday party from the rain (not entirely unimportant, even when loading).

Opel Combo with up to 3,200 liters load volume

There are five seats, as in our test car on board and in use, the luggage compartment has a volume of 790 liters. It is a respectable 3200 liters with the rear seats folded and up. This makes you a welcome helper when moving.

Those looking for seven seats will not be disappointed by the station wagon. There is an optional third row of seats with two chairs.

What bothered us in everyday life? The limited flexibility of the rear seats (second row). The backrests can be folded forward and the seats can then be raised - but unfortunately not more. There they are then and take up a lot of space that is sorely lacking when loading long objects. The front passenger seat's backrest, which can be folded forward, is of no use either (costs extra). It's a shame that there wasn't a more practical thought here.

Of course, nobody likes to take out seats - but it's always better than not having enough cargo space. At this point, I would like to think about the first Zafira - in terms of flexibility, he was the king at Opel.

Dani Heyne
The advantage of sliding doors is well known - with the Combo they open nicely.

Rigid? Roll off the others

One floor below, the combo is ideally equipped: with the chassis. In contrast to other panel vans, it does not have a rear star axle and relies on independent wheel suspension. This means that it does not trample through the city or across the country - it rolls around comparatively comfortably. His turbo gasoline engine (1.4 liters) needs some momentum (speed) to gather all his 120 horses (5,000 revolutions).

Eleven seconds to zero and 172 km /h top speed are acceptable values ​​at the offered performance and an empty weight of around 1.5 tons. The long-geared sixth gear of the manual transmission lowers the thirst of the small gasoline-powered car, which on average is between eight (anticipatory driving style) and ten (withHurry) L /100 km.

Those who demand sporty maneuvers from the high combo will be disappointed. It is more of a cozy glider - it slides over the front wheels when cornering quickly and is safely braked by the ESP.

Price ? Check wish list!

Who, like us, would like a 120 hp petrol engine - the basis is a 1.4 without turbo with 95 hp, then there would be a natural gas version with 120 hp and three diesel engines with 90 to 135 hp -, must plan at least 20,650 euros and get the better of the two equipment (edition). Two sliding doors are standard, but air conditioning still costs 850 euros extra.

Other extras worth surviving? Third row of seats with two expandable chairs: 750 euros, front seat heating: 325 euros, rear parking beeper: 330 euros, rear wing doors: 140 euros. In the end, it's like always in life: if you want luxury, you pay for it.


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