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Nissan Cube 1.5 dCI in the driving report: First contact with the Japan cube

Nissan Cube 1.5 dCi in the driving report
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As unrestrained as the Japanese can celebrate karaoke parties, they are just as careful when it comes to business. Nissan , for example, had two vehicle generations of the C ube elapse until the vehicle is finally offered in Europe.

The Cube shines with good all-round visibility

The managers were too afraid that the four-door model following the consistently Japanese design ideas could fail with the audience when they were far from home. But the cube shape with the steep, quite large window areas ensures a good all-round view. Even on the back seat there is enough space for passengers, as it can be moved lengthways by 24 centimeters. However, there are not many more practical things in the design-oriented cube world. This leaves, for example, an annoyingly high loading sill and an unreasonably usable load space, as only the backrests of the bench can be folded down. After all, the tailgate opens in the right direction.

The diesel goes to work with determination

The driver who sits in the glow of daylight under the standard glass roof and looks at the colorfully illuminated, but conventionally arranged instruments doesn't care much. Rather, he is pleased that the 1.5 liter diesel from the Renault -Nissan Alliance resolutely goes to work without falling into a turbo lag. From 1,750 revolutions, 240 Newton meters are available, the maximum output is given as 110 hp. For the city, where, according to its developers, the Cube is mainly to be found, significantly less performance would be completely sufficient.

Diesel is expensive

But why not take an overland trip? Maybe Nissan is a little too cautious here again , because there is nothing in or on the cube that speaks against it. The suspension, which is surprisingly firm due to the promise of comfort, is afraid of being briskNo curves and thanks to the easily shiftable six-speed gearbox, the speed level remains pleasantly low - but not the base price of 20,000 euros for the 1.5 dCi.

Read how the 2,000 euros cheaper petrol engine - which also has 110 hp - drives You can find them in auto motor und sport, issue 4/2010 , from January 28th. in stores.


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