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Morris JE: J-Type style electric van

Morris JE
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D he model cites the Morris J-Type, which was produced from 1949 to 1960 was produced and is designed to be modular. Accordingly, the Morris JE can be designed as a pickup, camper or van. The retro model with carbon fiber laminate body shows the rear saloon doors of the JE, sliding side doors, a strongly arched roof and strongly flared wheel arches. At the front there is a suggested radiator grille, behind which the charging socket is hidden, as well as free-standing headlights.

The Morris JE is based strongly on the J-Type.

The interior is greatly reduced and comes with it Two-spoke steering wheel, colored panels and two-tone narrow seats. Customers can configure the Morris JE in different colors outside and inside.

Range: 320 kilometers, top speed: 150 km /h

The electric van carries a lithium-ion Battery and should be good for a range of 320 kilometers. The batteries should be 80 percent charged in around 30 minutes. The top speed is almost 150 km /h. The load is one ton, the freight compartment can hold up to 5.5 cubic meters of goods. The loading length is 2.4 meters. Morris owes no further technical data.

In 2017, Dr. Qu Li secured the rights to Morris Commercial and also acts as CEO. The Chinese is also the founder of the consulting firm China Ventures Ltd. and also played a role in the sinking of Rover. A personal liaison with Nick Stephenson, one of the four rover owners of the Phoenix Consortium, earned her a consultancy fee of 1.6 million pounds (over 1.8 million euros) for a few weeks.


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