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Mercedes Citan: Benz-Kangoo starts from 17,500 euros

Mercedes Citan
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Mercedes Citan comes from Renault factory

Below the Vito has M ercedes the top dog VW Caddy can't oppose anything. That should change with the help of the cooperation partner Renault, because the French are providing the technical architecture of the Kangoo for the Vaneo successor. At the end of 2012, the Mercedes will roll off the assembly line at the Maubeuge plant in France. Technically, the Mercedes uses its donor. Chassis and engines - tailored to Mercedes specifications - come from France. In future, the model will be called the Mercedes Citan - it is made up of the terms 'City' and 'Titan'. The model will celebrate its premiere in 2012 at the Commercial Vehicle IAA.

The Citan According to Mercedes, it will be offered as a commercial van in various lengths and weights, as well as a station wagon, panel van and Mixto.

The panel van comes in three lengths of 3.94 meters, 4.32 meters and 4.71 meters therefore. Based on the extra-long variant, the Mercedes Citan Mixto offered as a five-seater. It has a folding rear bench seat, dividing grille to the cargo area and two sliding doors. Based on the 4.32 meter long Citan, Mercedes offers the station wagon. It is also equipped with a folding rear bench seat, and the sliding doors are also available on both sides on request. A wide-opening tailgate and roof rails are available for all models at an additional cost. A ladder flap is also available for the Mercedes Citan panel van. Mercedes specifies the maximum loading volume with 3,800 liters, the maximum payload with 800 kilograms.

Mercedes Vaneo successor costs around 17,500 euros

On the drive side, three diesels and one charged gasoline engine are used. The three turbodiesels with a displacement of 1.5 liters cover the power levels 75, 90 and 110 hp, the 1.2-liter petrol engine has 114 hp. The petrol engine is equipped with the Blue Efficiency package as standard. It includes the start-stop system, battery and generator management and tires with optimized rolling resistance. The package is available for the diesel engines at an additional cost. The power transmissionfive- or six-speed manual transmissions take over the front wheels.

Safety is ensured as standard by ESP, which takes into account the load condition of the Mercedes Citan. In addition, ABS, VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control - prevents understeering and oversteering) as well as traction control TCS and traction control ASR. The Mercedes Citan also includes a start-up assistant. Seat belt tensioners and belt force limiters for the driver and front passenger take care of passive safety. The Mercedes Citan station wagon also has a passenger airbag, thorax sidebags and windowbags for around passengers.

In the van, the passenger compartment is separated from the cargo area by a partition. There lashing eyes in the floor ensure safety and a plastic floor protects against paint scratches.

The Mercedes Citan can be ordered from September 1st. Prices then start from 17,445 euros for the Citan 108 CDI and from 18,195 euros for the Citan 109 CDI. Both in the compact version. The other engine variants will follow in the course of spring. The Citan 111 CDI (long wheelbase) then costs from 20,186 euros, the Citan 112 (long wheelbase) from 18,374 euros. The long wheelbase costs around 870 euros extra, the extra-long wheelbase costs around 2,560 euros.

The Mixto version, all with a long wheelbase, of the 109 CDI costs 21,551 euros, the Citan 111 CDI costs from 22,622 euros. The station wagon versions with car registration are from 20,647 euros (108 CDI), 21,039 euros (109 CDI), 22,110 euros (111 CDI) and 20,325 euros (112 petrol).


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