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Mercedes B 200 CDI in the test

Arturo Rivas
Mercedes B 200 CDI in the test
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D he mission of the Mercedes B-Class: young Enthusiastic audiences for themselves - without scaring off older customers. The means: a visually more pleasing body that still promises a lot of space and variability and can be transformed from the average Benz into a cool family vehicle with four additional equipment lines.

Compared to its predecessor, it is as before as Sports Tourer dubbed compacts nine centimeters longer and five centimeters flatter, the high-quality cockpit is pleasing with almost perfect ergonomics and lavish standard equipment (seven airbags, air conditioning, CD radio and electric windows). Young and old should immediately feel at home in the Mercedes B 200 CDI. The technicians should only check the cumbersome operation of the commendable number of optional driver assistance systems via the on-board computer menu and the noticeable crackling in the fan beam when the temperature changes.

Mercedes B 200 CDI from 29,810 euros

Has the new B-Class lost its sense of space? No she did not. The entry into the Mercedes B 200 CDI (from 29,810 euros), which wants to ingratiate itself with plenty of chrome, sports suspension and perforated brake discs (sports package 1,571 euros), is easy as with the predecessor. The doors open wide, the cut-outs are large - an advantage for older inmates and all parents who still have to buckle up their children. Four people find comfortable shelter even on long journeys, can stow their luggage in the high-quality lined trunk and can also look forward to the enormous headroom. Only the middle seat in the rear of the Mercedes B 200 CDI is more for small guests. The latter, however, is likely to lack storage space. The doors only have space for small bottles, but not for Playmo or Gameboy. So it is better to order the storage package (226 euros) including foldable tables and luggage nets on the front seats.

At the front of the Mercedes B 200 CDI, on the other hand, you have the choice between storage space in the doors, glove compartment, can holders and a large compartment in the center console. However, there is no suitable accommodation for smartphones here either.

Variable trunk only for an extra charge

It could be easier fill the 486 liter trunk of the Mercedes B-Class. The loading sill is 62 centimeterscomfortably low, making it easier to pack strollers or crates. A level loading area can only be obtained by ordering the loading space package including the height-adjustable floor (77 euros). There is also a lack of optional luggage nets - smaller purchases tend to slip. With the Easy-Vario-Plus-System there is an extra in the price list which increases the variability of the B-Class even more (672 euros). This includes a rear bench that can be moved lengthways by 14 centimeters and the backrests can also be adjusted. Even a washing machine should fit into the up to 666 liter trunk of the five-seater. Unfortunately, we could not check this, as our test car only had a rigid bench. With the rear seat folded down, both variants swallow a maximum of 1,545 liters

Everything packed? Let's go. The first thing you notice is the smooth direct steering, with which the Mercedes B 200 CDI can be maneuvered quickly through the city. With increasing speed, the steering assistance and transmission ratio are reduced (standard with the sports package). This tactic ensures that the Sports Tourer remains perfectly stable on the highway beyond 130 km /h and can also be guided more precisely through curves.

The sports suspension of the Mercedes B 200 CDI, on the other hand, turns out to be unduly tough . Whether slowly crossing asphalt damage in the city or short bumps in the country: Despite special amplitude-selective dampers, our Mercedes B-Class, which has been lowered by 15 millimeters, lets us feel every malaise. Long distance comfort? Rather not. If you want this, you should choose the comfort suspension.

Mercedes B-Class with sports suspension not suitable for long distances

The newly developed 136, which has been reduced from 2.1 to 1.8 liters displacement HP diesel, an offshoot of the well-known common rail diesel OM 651, scores with good performance (8.8 seconds for the sprint to 100 km /h) and low test consumption (6.9 L /100 km). With its 300 Newton meters, which can still be accessed at 3,000 tours thanks to the very smooth and precisely shiftable six-speed gearbox, the sometimes quite pithy-sounding four-cylinder develops enough temperament and pulling power to transport even a Mercedes B-Class weighing a maximum of two tons to its holiday destination .

Back to Mission B. The sedate appearance of the predecessor? Is quickly forgotten with the Sports Tourer Mercedes B 200 CDI. Design, space, variability and variety of equipment as well as the wide range of driver assistance systems raise the Mercedes B-Class to the Mercedes level. Only the words Sports and Tourer still don't quite fit together.


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