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Mercedes B 180 CDI in the driving report: No trace of boring charm

Mercedes B 180 CDI in the driving report
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B asismotor - as it sounds. Somehow distressed and as if it wasn't enough for anything sensible. In the case of the Mercedes B-Class, the price hurdle stands in the way, because nothing moves below 27,935 euros with the Mercedes B 180 CDI. Then you can have 109 PS and 250 Newton meters and feel anything but distressed.

On the contrary, especially in connection with the seven-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) for 2,166 euros, the one ventilated by a turbocharger applies Four-cylinder for the role of the inconspicuous, reliable guy. Stress? Leave the Mercedes B 180 CDI to others. The DCT smooths the gear changes, keeps the engine in the background and ensures low speeds.

Mercedes B 180 CDI to 100 km /h in eleven seconds

If necessary, the 1.5 Tons heavy Mercedes B 180 CDI nevertheless in eleven seconds to 100 km and pulls sufficiently powerfully. Compared to the very fixed double clutch transmissions, the DCT reacts somewhat cautiously and hesitantly, but is extremely reassuring. The start-stop system is also nerve-friendly and efficient, which goes well with the overall character of the Mercedes B-Class with its high-quality interior.

No more trace of the boring charm of its predecessor, the current Mercedes B- Class looks really classy - especially if it has been upgraded with wood decor and chrome jewelry. The round ventilation outlets feel solid, the screen of the optional infotainment system is like a small flat screen in the room. The whole thing is operated via a mix of buttons and a rotary push button, which works without any problems.

Even more practical with Easy-Vario- Plus-System

Another advantage of the dual clutch transmission: With it, the selector lever is on the steering column, which creates space for additional storage on the center tunnel. The inside of the Mercedes B-Class looks even tidier than it already is. The front seats, which can be adjusted over a wide range, give the body proper support and ensure that occupants large and small alike are in a suitable position.

The so-called Easy on board the 4.36-meter-long Mercedes B 180 CDI is really practical -Vario-Plus-System for 672 euros. This allows the rear seats to be moved and the front passenger seat to be laid flat, which makes the transport of passengers and luggage much more flexiblebrings it close to its particularly practical predecessor.

The new one is more dynamic than this anyway. The lower center of gravity due to the lack of a double floor and the fine work on the chassis are clearly noticeable. The Mercedes B-Class runs straight ahead, steers precisely and smoothly, and bounces comfortably. In addition, economical drivers get by with less than five liters /100, on average 6.7 liters are sufficient for the Mercedes B 180 CDI. If those aren't good arguments for the basis.


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