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Long-term test notes Ford C-Max: Pleasant touring car

Barbara Jeske
Ford C-MAX 1.6 EcoBoost long-term test (intermediate result)
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D he 150 hp Ford C-Max came into the fleet at the beginning of February at mileage 877. It is now nearing the end of its endurance test, has had two inspections and, apart from a set of new brake pads at the front, has not yet needed any spare parts over a distance of almost 40,000 kilometers. So it is not surprising that one of the first entries in the logbook is enthusiastically: “Great car!”

Editor Peter Wolkenstein's verdict is similar: “Pleasant touring car. Powerful, comfortable, quiet. ”However, with an average consumption of 9.3 L /100 km, it is“ not a miracle in saving ”, as editor Stefan Cerchez notes. Checking the oil level on the C-Max is cumbersome: Since the plastic cover of the engine covers the opening, it is very difficult to thread the oil dipstick back in.


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