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Kia Venga, Skoda Roomster, Citroen C3 on family catch

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Citroen C3, Kia Venga and Skoda Roomster tested
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The small cars are by no means diversified at the end: The lean class is always interesting Good ideas. The V enga with a raised seating position and increased variability in the individual test as an inexpensive one-for-all car. And thus brings the Citroën C3 Picasso as a classic van and the Skoda Roomster as a comfort version of a panel van onto the scene.

Citroën C3, Skoda Roomster and Kia Venga: The Vans are the kings of configuration

Three concepts for families on a tight budget. Which one convinced in the test? With its huge trunk, the Skoda Roomster of victory for sure. Its box structure offers a volume of up to 1,555 liters. To do this, the rear seat has to be pushed together and attached to the headrests of the front seats with hooks - a somewhat traditional solution, especially compared to the competitor's foldable underbody seats. The Citroën Picasso should show what is the current state of the art when it comes to the back of chairs. After all, the vans are the kings of configuration. In fact, the rear seat bench, which can be divided in a 40:60 ratio, can be moved in length, the backrests can be adjusted in incline and the whole package can be stowed in a flat loading area towards the underbody. That's it.

The Kia Venga convinces in the comparison test with variability

Those who expect more creativity from a van have to order the travel package for 350 euros; It enhances the passenger seat with a drawer underneath and a foldable backrest and also includes a ski hatch, storage compartments under the rear footwell and a luggage net. Although not a van, the Kia Venga lags surprisingly not behind in terms of variability. His back seat can also be moved, folded and the angle of the backrest varied. Thanks to the double loading floor, there is an even transport surface on request, which is even generous for a small car. What's more: clever usethe Kia Venga for the van advantages , without having to accept the disadvantages.

When it comes to safety, the Kia Venga is ahead in the test

That Laser measuring device, which simulates an all-round view of the driver, shows him to be clearer than the Citroën C3, although it has a split A-pillar. The best legible instruments make the victory in the body chapter for the Kia Venga perfect - a mess for the competition from the manned space drive. When it comes to safety, the new Kia Venga is not only at eye level with the Skoda Roomster, thanks to the easier-to-control brakes it even slips past it - and of course the Citroën C3. Its inconsistent operating concept costs him points: the buttons on the hi-fi system are too low for a cursory glance and are very small.

The Citroën C3 does not play a comfort trump card

The Citroën C3 should play its trump cards in the comparison test when it comes to comfort. After all, the French brand has built a certain reputation for itself with its hydropneumatics. But the small C3 series, like the competition, is based on a conventional spring-damper unit. And their coordination turned out better than that of the very tight Kia Venga, but did not achieve the largely balanced character of the Skoda Roomster. Because trying to find a suitable position for the steering wheel from the driver's seat requires various attempts, the fiddly backrest adjustment in the Citroën C3 is particularly noticeable.

On the other hand, its air conditioning has an almost premium character. The driver and front passenger can independently set their preferred comfort temperature. Apart from that, the Citroën C3 Picasso is blessed with numerous niceties, which, however, also applies to the upscale equipment lines for the Skoda Roomster and the Kia Venga applies - apart from the gimmick of a fragrance dispenser, with which Citroën once again proves its sense of bizarre otherness.

The Kia Venga engine looks lively

Its engine not only pushes the Citroën C3 Picasso most emphatically on the motorway, it also runs more quietly than the rustic-sounding and vibrating four-cylinder of the Skoda Roomster at high speeds. Here it is only surpassed by the evenly revving Kia engine. With its 90 hp, the 1.4-liter of the Venga Kia looks really lively, which is due to its good turning ability, at the same time it pulls through the most vigorously in the test when overtaking on the country road.

The test consumption of Kia Venga, Citroën C3 and dSkoda Roomster is too high

With these impressions in your head you roll to theTest drive full of praise to the petrol station and is sure to be able to declare the winner of the comparison in advance - until you look at the display on the petrol pump. The Kia Venga needs the equivalent of 8.9 liters of premium gasoline per 100 kilometers in the test and can never be moved with less than 7.3 liters on average. That's too much for a small car; The same applies to the Skoda Roomster, which requires 8.2 liters in comparison. The Citroën alone has a class-appropriate consumption with 7.7 L /100 km. Only his inexact gearshift prevents him from deciding the drive chapter for himself.

The Citroën C3 Picasso cannot keep up with the driving characteristics

In a similar way, the Citroën C3 Picasso falls behind in terms of driving characteristics: its inhomogeneously responsive steering refuses to report on the lateral dynamics, and the driver receives little feedback. The Skoda Roomster offers this service - although its panel van design does not suggest a talent for driving dynamics. Nevertheless, the Kia Venga goes one better and wags both nimble and precisely through the pylon course. He remains stoically neutral and always leaves an absolutely secure impression. Thus, the Kia Venga not only booked this chapter for itself, but also lies ahead of the Skoda Roomster in the property evaluation after the intermediate addition. The Citroën C3 Picasso only follows a few points behind.

Kia Venga with a seven-year guarantee

It makes up some ground with the lowest minimum consumption in the environmental chapter and also excels in terms of fuel costs, but even its high entry-level price counteracts the attempt to catch up with the competition. It should be a bitter experience for the only real van in comparison to have to watch without a chance that Skoda Roomster and Kia Venga make up the race for test victory among themselves. And the Roomster goes to great lengths to make up for the gap between the two. The Skoda scores in the environmental chapter with lower minimum consumption and noise level, is cheaper in terms of maintenance and fuel costs and has slightly better chances on the used car market. The Kia Venga observes all these efforts calmly, because it knows about its unbeatable ace up its sleeve: Kia offers its customers a seven-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Anyone who trusts the template will be rewarded: with victory. Glory and honor for the best Kia that ever competed in a comparison test at auto motor und sport . If one or two bottles of Nongju rice wine are not emptied in Korea.


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