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Hyundai ix20 in the driving report: Small van with Kia Venga genes

Hyundai ix20 in the driving report
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As a big brother you like to let your little sister go first. Because while the Hyundai sister brand Kia has been selling the Venga since spring, the technically almost identical Hyundai follows. i x20 until the end of November.

Hyundai ix20 is striving for independence

Front and rear of the Hyundai ix20 present themselves in a brand-typical design, but in profile the relationship can hardly be denied. Despite its lush height (1.60 meters), the 4.10-meter-long Hyundai ix20 avoids the box-like appearance of a van. The round shape affects the clarity, but not the easy access and the upright, elevated seating position. As a parking aid, Hyundai supplies a rear-view camera for the ix20 in addition to parking sensors at the rear.

In the cockpit, the Hyundai designers also tried to achieve independence - with two large round instruments instead of three juxtaposed scales as in the Venga or a slightly differently designed center console. The Hyundai ix20 is easy to operate , the optional touchscreen navigation system is also immediately available in the driving report.

One diesel and two gasoline engines for the Hyundai ix20

According to Hyundai's will, the ix20 should appeal to young families. However, adults also sit comfortably at the back. The size of the cargo space (440 to 1,486 liters) can be expanded by moving or folding the rear seats forward. The only diesel on offer is the 90 hp 1.4-liter, which is audible but not annoying and gets down to business as soon as it has overcome its starting weakness.

The more powerful of the two petrol engines with 125 hp is the only engine with automatic transmission, but subjectively does not deliver significantly more steam than the 90 hp basic engine. This smooth-running 1.4-liter is sufficient for everyday use, especially as the Hyundai handlesix20 does not arouse dynamic ambitions in the driving report. In the case of all three engines, the consumption of the Blue version can be optimized with an automatic start-stop system for a surcharge.

Inspection costs included

If Hyundai decides to equip the basic Classic without CD radio and air conditioning, prices should start at around 15,000 euros. More than the sister Kia calls for the Venga. But it does not cover the inspection costs (price advantage around 1,500 euros) for the first five years.


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