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Honda Odyssey with 1,043 hp will be auctioned

Mecum Auctions
Honda Odyssey with 1,043 hp will be auctioned
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A there are lots of nice videos on YouTube. About cars too, of course. One of them comes from tuner Bisimoto. It is a bit shaky at the beginning, yes, but after 15 seconds the temperature of the screen climbs upwards. From then on, a Honda Odyssey lets the pig out by tattooing the asphalt with spinning front wheels and producing plenty of smoke.

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Tuned up van with turbo V6

How can you do that with a stupid minivan for the family? Not at all. So everything just fake? No, tuning. Bisimoto has converted the Honda Odyssey into a 1,043 hp smoke machine in case the neighbor at the garden fence grumbles again. It was converted in 2013. The tuner then presented the completely wacky family van at the Sema in Las Vegas.

Mecum Auctions wanted to auction the Honda Odyssey from Bisimoto from August 18 to 20 in Monterey (USA). But apparently no buyer has been found. Because the Odyssey will continue to be offered. If a happy dad is found, he should definitely have a lot of fun when he hits the six gears and pushes the turbo. What does it take A wife who is in the passenger seat and does not maltreat the leather seats with her fingernails while the man accelerates. The children should also have space in the back - even if, judging by the pictures, a roll cage extends over the seats.


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