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Ford Galaxy in the driving report: Revised seven-seater

Achim Hartmann
Ford Galaxy in the driving report
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J now he looks even more angry, although the Ford Galaxy actually want to be a peace-loving family friend. But with the facelift, the grim rear lights now shine a bit more aggressively in LED technology. Otherwise the look - apart from a few chrome accessories - remained unchanged.

New diesel with less torque

On the other hand, something more has happened under the sheet metal. The most powerful diesel engine to date - the 2.2 liter with 175 hp - is being replaced by a new power level of the well-known two-liter diesel engine. In the future, Ford Galaxy buyers will have to forego not only horsepower, but also torque. Instead of 400, the newcomer achieves 340 Newton meters, which are applied at 2,000 revolutions.

But even underneath, the Ford Galaxy unit is committed and only pays for a moment of thought until the boost pressure is fully built up. However, it is not one of the particularly easy-to-turn representatives of its genre, the thirst for action already decreases noticeably from 3,500 rpm. With the standard, well-graded and precisely shiftable six-speed gearbox, however, there is usually a suitable gear ratio that allows the four-cylinder to work in its comfortable speed range. Then it grumbles pleasantly cautiously to itself, while after a cold start or with forced use of power, clear nails penetrate the interior - despite the improved noise insulation of the new model year, which will be available at dealers from May 29th.

Ford Galaxy basically comes with seven seats

As usual, the Galaxy is always delivered as a seven-seater. Due to the flat roof in the rear area, there is enough air over the top even in the third row for tall passengers. However, the seats in the second row are already a bit small, and the height of the belts cannot be adjusted. On the other hand, there is little to complain about the upholstery. Their comfortable firmness is complemented in the first row by the lateral support of the sports seats, which are standard in the new titanium version.

The Ford S-Max is more dynamic than the Ford Galaxy

Even in the top version, the Ford Galaxy cannot be moved as dynamically as the S-Max, which the potential buyers - Families with at least two children - hardly to be expected. But you can also enjoy the pleasantly directtranslated steering. As an alternative to diesel, Ford will in future be offering a 203 hp turbo gasoline engine.


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