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Fiat Doblò in the test: second generation of the box station wagon

Stephan Lindloff
Fiat Doblò in the test
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D a one always thinks that something like a do not even give too big a family car. Until you stand in front of the Fiat, whose silhouette almost obscures row houses.

The passenger transports are better than heavy goods

Even the first Doblò with its somewhat casual attitude towards grace and solidity was not small - which does not prevent the box station wagon from growing strongly in the second generation like Citroën Berlingo and Renault Kangoo. The designers put a body with a garage-like stature over the area, which comes close to that of an Opel Astra. It creates space for up to seven passengers (option) or for two and 3.2 cubic meters of cargo space - that's roughly the equivalent of a two-room apartment in Tokyo. The packing limit, however, is the measly payload of 409 kilos. The passenger transports are better than heavy goods. Even adults don't have to climb into the Doblò, but enter almost upright through front door-sized front portals or practical sliding gates.

First of all, the Fiat feels vicious

In the rear there is enough space for three, the height also for wearing a chef's hat. The fact that the Fiat looks so wide at the front is due to the closely spaced seats. Inside, pilots and co. Almost touch on the shoulders, but outside with their elbows they cannot reach the window sills. First of all, the Fiat feels vicious, until you get used to the dimensions and notice that it can be guided precisely with the steering. In terms of suspension comfort, it clearly surpasses the Doblò I, which is also due to the independent rear suspension, which is unusual for a box-type combination. It does not seduce you with violent dynamics, but together with the standard ESP ensures that the Doblò is one of the very safe representatives of the box caste.

The Doblò is pleasantly motorized

With the cultivated, but weak start-up 1.6-liter turbodiesel with a reliable start-stop system it is also one of the pleasantly motorized. Fiat basically connects the 105 PS machine with a six-speed gearbox - a hacky one. The Doblò in the lavishly decorated Emotion line costs 20,500 euros. Makes 6.40 euros per liter of loading volume - not too much cash for the talented family truck.


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