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Daihatsu Concept Cars Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Daihatsu is coming to the Tokyo Auto Salon with numerous micro-concepts. The small panel vans are designed really flashy.

The Tokyo Motor Show is a trade fair for particularly unusual tuning projects. Daihatsu is also happy to participate there with project vehicles. And because the Toyota subsidiary traditionally has no muscle-bound sports cars on offer, the little ones always have to get involved - of which Daihatsu in turn has a lot.

In the video: Japanese advertising for the Daihatsu Tanto Funcross

From the Kei Car category, the tiny ones specially designed for Japan with a maximum length of 3.4 meters, Daihatsu has a good dozen different series to offer. Although they are visually very similar, especially in the panel van variants, this is primarily due to the official specifications for this kei car category, in which the manufacturers use every available millimeter.

These specifications - shorter than 3.40 meters, narrower than 1.48 meters, lower than two meters, weaker than 64 hp and less than 660 cm³ displacement - also ensure that the vans and vans in particular get through in the first place differ in their equipment and height. Accordingly, the Japanese are enthusiastic about individual variants with optical tuning that stand out from the crowd. Daihatsu has therefore built seven different show cars for the Tokyo Auto Salon.

, Daihatsu Tanto Funcross

The Tanto Funcross gets a stylish roof rail and many applications in yellow color right through to the inlays of the black wheels. In addition, a robust SUV look with a rough tire profile, bump bars on the side and the SUV insignia (underrun protection dummy, towing hook) on the front. By the way, you can see the production version in an original Japanese advertising clip in the video above. Fun fact on the side: Most Kei Car Vans from Daihatsu, like the Tanto, can be equipped with all-wheel drive, so the small boxes actually get further off-road than the SUVs with front-wheel drive that are usual with us.

, Daihatsu Tanto Custom

The same model, completely different construction site: The Custom makes a bad racer, gets a front apron with a huge cross-ribbed grill and a spoiler edge that reaches far down. Low-profile tires, sweeping rocker panels and a roof edge spoiler complete the whole. There is also an elaborate red and black show finish.

, Daihatsu Copen Clubsport

The only model that most German car fans can relate to is the Copen, which we also sold at the time. For the 20th birthday of the midget roadster, Daihatsu has redesigned the current model in the style of the original Copen and given it a few rally accents: four-point seat belts, center stripe, start number and even an emergency stop loop in the front give the little ones a boost race roll up.

Daihatsu Atrai Wildranger

The Atrai, which was developed from the Hijet that we also know, is coming to the Tokyo Auto Salon in an adventure version. Off-road tires, a high roof with additional headlights and robust planking make it fit for small off-road excursions. Because: The high roof is a removable leisure boat made of plastic, hence the rudder on the side. The green base paint has numerous decorative stickers, the funniest of which is above the driver's door. If you can read it, it's time for a professional recovery of the overturned car.

, Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Extend

Based on the Daihatsu Hijet, the Jumbo Extend is intended to be a kind of workshop vehicle for motorsport events. In addition, its rear section can be pulled out like an upside-down drawer and thus offers additional space for work or a cozy afternoon nap in the base camp. Visually and with the wheels, it is based on the Copen Clubsport.


Always fascinating what the Japanese car manufacturers conjure up from the small kei cars. The three and a half meter short small vehicles are amazingly flexible, especially in the panel van version. Daihatsu has a large number of such models in its range, so the appearance at the Tokyo Auto Salon tuning fair is correspondingly extensive.


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