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Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 in the driving report: Luxury Lodgy can even be fast

Arturo Rivas
Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 in the driving report
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Did you recently see the Dacia commercial before the evening sports show? Then he was already driving: a D acia Lodgy Lauréate. Easily recognized by the chrome-plated trim in the radiator grille and mirror caps in body color. In combination with the most powerful diesel, this Dacia costs at least 15,490 euros. As a reminder: Dacia is advertising the basic Lodgy with a starting price of 9,990 euros.

Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate and the football professional

This means that the 107-hp diesel is the is only available from the upscale Lauréate version, a hefty 5,500 euros more expensive. After all: In addition to the 1.5-liter diesel and six-speed gearbox, its equipment includes useful items such as on-board computer, cruise control, air conditioning, fog lights, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and a height-adjustable driver's seat. ESP and front and side airbags protect the occupants, but a radio is missing in the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate as well as leather steering wheel or spare wheel (together 410 euros). If you then treat yourself to the pleasantly large and easy-to-use touchscreen navigation system that shows the right way in the commercial, you will quickly pay over 16,000 euros.

Back to the little film: Behind the wheel of the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate is seated by soccer coach Mehmet Scholl. He looks at a sloping hood, easy-to-read instruments and shouldn't have any problems with the few knobs for air conditioning and wiper. The height adjustment of the driver's seat is more exciting, for which you have to pull on a wobbly lever and at the same time relieve the seat. Body tension and concentration are equally important here. Meanwhile, young footballers are fighting in the rear, and balls, sports equipment and bags are stored in the trunk.

Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate with few shelves

Which brings us to the advantages of the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate are: Thanks to its pragmatic, angular design, it offers an outstanding amount of space over a length of 4.5 meters. Even the standard trunk swallows 827 liters, with the rear seat folded down it is a maximum of 2,617 liters. Just pick up the washing machine and dryer at the second-hand goods store? NoTheme. If necessary, the Lodgy can also be upgraded to a seven-seater. An additional rear seat including hinged side windows costs 590 euros.

Advantage number 2: The large doors of the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate open wide and enable wonderfully comfortable boarding. Simply lift your foot a few centimeters, drop it onto the fabric seats, which are a little too soft and have no lateral support - and you're sitting in it. Even long defensive stretches shouldn't complain about a lack of headroom. In addition, there is a not exactly beautiful, but robust interior made of hard plastics, which even a horde of footballers can do little damage. But those should watch out for their headphones and cell phones: There are hardly any sensible shelves in the Dacia Lodgy, and the large rear windows can be rolled down completely - an iPod can fly out of the window in busy everyday life.

Lots of space for the whole family including luggage

The benches of the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate themselves are comfortable and pleasantly wide. The second row can accommodate three adults or three children, secured in isofixed seats. Even at the very back, after a naturally somewhat more difficult approach, you can travel well. The legroom fits, and two bulges in the headliner create space for heads. In a Renault Scénic or VW Touran, things are much tighter. It only becomes tedious when the row of seats is no longer needed for a short time. Then the 18 kilo piece must either be folded in and tied to the back of the second row, or it will find its place in the garage at home.

On the move in the Dacia Lodgy dCi 110? In the little film, Mehmet and his players finally rumble across a golf course. At this point at the latest, the occupants should notice the harshly tuned chassis, which absorbs the roughest bumps, but uncompromisingly passes on even smaller distortions. The Dacia Lodgy dCi 110 Lauréate only offers acceptable driving comfort on the motorway.

And the Dacia Lodgy can actually go fast. The robust four-cylinder diesel is neither quiet nor free from vibrations, but delivers a torque of 240 Newton meters from 1,750 tours. This means that the 1.3-ton seven-seater does not starve to death on inclines, even at speeds above 160 km /h, and its driver can easily move into the left lane. A data comparison with the already tested Lodgy dCi with 90 PS (from 13,490 euros) and 200 Nm confirms the impressions. In addition to the sprint from zero to 100 km /h (11.4 to 12.1 seconds), the more powerful Lodgy is also faster in the intermediate sprint from 80 to 120 km /h in fourth gear (11.3 to 12.4 s) ). However, the test consumption also increases by 0.4 liters to 6.3 L /100 km in comparison.

Otherwise, they areboth equal. If your account balance is more important than draft, you can confidently use the weaker diesel and invest your savings elsewhere. Maybe actually in a washing machine? Then you would have the van in front of the door.


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