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Available from Lada dealers: Joylong EF5 electric van

China electric van Joylong EF5
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L ada is expanding its product portfolio on the German market, and not with its own productions. In addition to the D2S small electric vehicle, another car from China is on offer. The EW5 van from Joylong should be available from some Lada dealers in Germany from October 2019. The 4.90-meter-long commercial vehicle, which is also offered with a V8 engine on its home market in China, hides 9.6 square meters of loading volume and a maximum payload of 1,650 kilos. The rear compartment is packed in the classic way via a sliding door on the right-hand side or the wing door on the rear of the vehicle. Alternatively, the EW5 can also be ordered with a tailgate that opens upwards.

9.6 cubic meters of cargo space are hidden behind the double doors at the rear, which are also called Upward opening flap can be configured.

Commercial vehicle or seven-seater

With a 74 kWh battery that should Car can travel up to 325 kilometers. If these values ​​appeal to you, but you are now wondering what to do with 9.6 cubic meters of cargo space, there is an alternative. The same vehicle is also offered as a seven-seater called the EF5. Two different batteries are available: 53 kWh or 85 kWh. Depending on the selected capacity, you can travel up to 180 or 300 kilometers. You cover this distance with a maximum of 120 km /h. It goes forward with 50 kW continuous and 100 kW peak power. All of the power is directed to the rear wheels.

The equipment of the commercial vehicle version includes electric central locking, air conditioning and a radio with USB interface and two loudspeakers. As a seven-seater, electrically adjustable front seats, an LCD multifunction display, Android touchscreen navigation system andThree-zone automatic climate control. Nine colors are available for the exterior finish.

The interior of the commercial vehicle variant is more Spartan than the seven-seater version.

On the home market in China, Joylong covers a wide range of electric cars. From the VIP shuttle to the ambulance and the police car to the coach, everything is represented in the portfolio. Even special models for barrier-free access with a wheelchair are included. The Shanghai-based company has been in business since 2007 and has so far been active in the markets of Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa.

The commercial vehicle version of the Joylong van has no windows and only has two seats.


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