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Alpine Camper ID.Buzz Campervan

At the CMT 2023, Alpin Camper will be presenting an upgrade for the VW ID.Buzz electric Bulli. We took a closer look at the unusual campervan.

Alpin Camper call themselves "the mini camper specialists" and were the first to try the VW ID.Buzz and create a camper van conversion for a maximum of two people. This is special in that it is a little more complicated for electric vehicles to develop them into camper vans in terms of power supply. High-voltage technology is taboo, so other ways must be found to operate stoves, heating and the like - more on this below in the text.

Retro furniture for the E-Bulli

Since the ID.Buzz is very much in the tradition of its T1 ancestor, after all, the success story of the campervan began with the camping expansion of the first Bulli, Alpin Camper also leans the interior in retro - Look at. Green furniture fronts and the checkered upholstery on the bed are very reminiscent of the 50s to 70s.

The longitudinal sofa behind the driver's seat invites you to chill during the day, at night it converts into a bed measuring a maximum of 1.20 by 1.95 meters. If you are traveling alone, you can only pull out the bed to make a single bed and then have a passage forward to the cockpit. Storage compartments and a compact cooler can be found under the bench.

By the way, you don't sleep in the striking lifting roof of the Alpin Camper. This is there to achieve a standing height of approx. 1.84 meters. The roof comes from the expansion specialist Reimo. The tent bellows of the roof is provided with windows, which provides fresh air and light. An LED light strip is laid around the opening of the lifting roof. All other light sources are indirect and, in combination with the fabric-clad walls, ensure a cozy atmosphere.

The kitchenette is equipped with an induction hob and a sink. There is space for fresh and waste water canisters, each with a capacity of 12 litres, under the kitchen block.

Solar modules on the roof provide electricity

A solar panel on the roof feeds the 100 Ah lithium board battery, which supplies the extension with electricity. This also includes the 500-watt electric heater, which complements the ID.Buzz’s auxiliary heater. Optionally, a 200 Ah battery and a second solar panel can be retrofitted. The electrical installations are located in the cockpit under the passenger seat.

An official price for the Alpin Camper ID.Buzz campervan has not yet been set, as the vehicle shown is a prototype. A price of between 80,000 and 84,000 euros is targeted for the production-ready vehicle.

More ideas for the ID.Buzz

Incidentally, the company Ququq, which offers furniture modules, was even faster than Alpin Camper . These offer the possibility of turning a transporter into a campervan in no time at all and quickly dismantling everything again after the holiday. You already offer a suitable module for the ID.Buzz.


With their expansion, Alpin Campers show how the all-electric ID.Buzz can become a campervan. Since this vehicle is only a prototype, there will probably be a few more changes before it is ready for series production.

With their expansion, they are the first, but certainly not the last. The starting signal has been given to show all possible well-known and less well-known builders what they can do with the ID.Buzz. In the future we will certainly see very different ID.Buzz campervans and maybe at some point the VW ID.Buzz California. Our sister magazine promobil stays on the ball when it comes to campervans. In the meantime, you will find all information about converted vans and Co.



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