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Volvo S80 1.6D Drive in the test: Large sedan with a small engine

Stephan Lindloff
Volvo S80 1.6D Drive tested
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No, you don't expect such a really successful combination when you see how lost the 1.6- The little liter machine under the large bonnet works. It is the PSA- Ford -cooperation engine that even a P eugeot 207 doesn't exactly seduce you to a fiery temperament.

With astonishing ease the little diesel pulls the S80 forward

Now it should be the 1.6 ton S80 with 109 hp drive. But the drive only shows a noticeable weakness when starting. The turbodiesel pulls the S80 with astonishing liveliness ahead, on the autobahn you have enough power for quick travel cuts. And all that with amazingly low consumption. There are only small changes that Volvo in the economy model S80 Drive takes care of: five-speed box with extra long third, fourth and fifth gear, shift indicator that often calls for the next gear at 2,000 rpm, low-friction tires and gear oil, modified engine management, optimized cooling air routing, new software for the electrohydraulic power steering - and that's it the little engine.

No lack of power and space

But the measures are effective: With a little restraint, a good five liters /100 km, with 6.5 L is already brisk. Despite the economical small diesel, the feeling never arises that there is a lack of power. In any case, it would be the only flaw that could come over you in the S80. From the busy driving of the engine, only a gentle hum penetrates the interior. There, the Volvo is dangling its passengers, placing them on highly comfortable seats, and bouncing carefully. The limousine can't do much with all the handling stuff, but the low weight of the engine makes it easier for it to turn and reduces the need for power assistance in the steering, which benefits its precision. These qualities make the 1.6D Drive the most recommendable of all S80s. So it's that good.


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