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Tesla Model S with Armormax armor: bullet rating, rifle, pistol

Armored Tesla Model S from Armormax
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The police in Basel, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Fremont, California are testing Models by Tesla in tough everyday use - The Californians have the side doors armored for this. Now offers A rmormax, an im US state of Utah-based subsidiary of the International Armoring Corporation (IAC) , a fully armored version of the large Tesla sedan Model S.

The first shot with a 9-millimeter full-jacket bullet cannot penetrate the armored side window.

Armormax takes the Model S completely apart, replaces all windows with bulletproof versions and builds into the doors, the roof, the sub-floor and other critical pieces ellen, such as the A, B and C pillars, armor plates. After the renovation work, according to Armormax, the passenger cabin is completely protected against fire and the side window panes can still be countersunk despite the considerably greater thickness - opening the windows is of course not recommended as this would remove the armor. The customer can choose whether protection against handguns should be sufficient or whether heavier armor against all types of rifles is desired - Armormax does not specify any special protection classes. In the case of handgun protection, the weight of the Model S increases by 195 kilograms, the protection against rifles weighs 320 to 360 kilograms. The windows are 1.3 to 7.6 centimeters thick, depending on the thickness of the protection. The Tesla's battery is wrapped in a special mat that is aThe aim is to prevent bursting even when attacked with an explosive device. The tires are designed as runflats and are therefore still ready for use even after direct hits.

Armormax completely dismantles the Model S for the armor.

Youtuber shoots Tesla Model S

To test the first armored Tesla Model S the Armormax executives invited the Youtuber Zack Nelson alias JerryRigEverything. The 30-year-old checks smartphones, watches and apps on YouTube, for example. This time he gets a Glock 19 pistol (caliber 9x19 millimeters), as used by the US special forces Navy Seals. With this he fired three times at the right front side window of the armored Model S: first with a full jacket bullet, then with the hollow point bullet and finally another full jacket shot. The full jacket projectile is suitable for deeper penetration, the hollow point bullet mushrooms during the impact and emits more energy to the hit object.

The shot with the full jacket bullet strikes in the front area of ​​the window . JerryRigEverything goes to the Tesla and can still hear the glass crack seconds after the bullet hits. The impact creates a crater in the glass, but it remains completely intact on the inside. Jerry RigEverything places the Holspitz bullet to the right of the impact with the full jacket bullet - it causes a crater that is much smaller in diameter and cannot penetrate the glass either. The third shot creates a crater of the same size as the second, although the Youtuber fires a full jacket bullet here again. In all cases, no shot penetrates the bulletproof glass.

Premium protection package for $ 72,000

According to Armormax, most customers opt for protection against handguns. This armor starts at $ 42,000 (currently about 37,341 euros), with the most popular handgun package costing $ 68,000. The premium package with protection against rifle fire costs 72,000 dollars (64,012 euros). The Tesla Model S onIt costs from 75,750 dollars (67,333 euros) in the USA, in Germany it is available from 87,750 euros.


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