Tesla Model S Plaid (2021): range, technology, prices

Tesla Model S plaid with 1,100 hp
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And the technology of the M or S Plaid has to be impressive, after all, Musk was already tweeting Months ago: 'The only thing beyond Ludicrous is plaid.' And film fans know: Both names are references to the science fiction comedy 'Spaceballs' by Mel Brooks. And Tesla connoisseurs are clear: Ludicrous is so far the hottest of all acceleration modes - so far ...

Tesla Model S Plaid achieves 322 km /h

Three electric motors , one in front and two on the rear axle, combine in the Model S Plaid (plaid=translated 'checkered') more than 1,100 HP system power. Each electric motor individually achieves around 670 hp. The battery has a capacity of 130 kWh and is 30 percent higher than the current model S.

orde can get. Most recently, a time of 1: 36.55 minutes was driven on the legendary US race track Laguna Seca , last weekend the plaid model carved 1:30 minutes into the asphalt - three seconds less than the Lucid Air. Speaking of three seconds: Musk also wants to squeeze them out of the Model S plaid in order to get the record for the fastest production car in Laguna Seca. The McLaren Senna currently still holds that with 1: 28.30 minutes.

Plaid faster than Taycan

But Tesla also wants to scare off the competition in Germany with the Plaid Model S. In the summer, Musk worked his way through the Porsche Taycan and had various Model S with the designation 'P100D +' compete at the rear of the Nürburgring. The unofficial and hand-stopped time: 7:13 minutes - the Taycan came to 7:42 minutes.


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