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Tesla Model S in the driving report: Secretly and quietly towards the future

Tesla Model S in the driving report
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Phew, lucky. The pedals in the T esla Model S are located where they are commonly assumed in a car, the levers for indicators and cruise control clearly come from a Mercedes - and, as expected, are on the steering column. Why shouldn't they?

Because shortly beforehand, Tesla sales director and ex-Apple manager George Blankenship said with typically American, absolutely TV-compatible enthusiasm that it “takes about ten days to get to the Model S used “. And that the 4.98 meter long sedan is nothing less than the “best car in the world and not just a good electric vehicle”. Hallelujah.

With the Tesla Model S there are updates with a click

Just browse the equipment list of the Tesla Model S makes it clear, however, that the Tesla should perhaps be viewed as a “good electric car” first. Because anyone who wants to prevent interested parties from purchasing a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG or a Porsche Panamera Turbo must at least offer them the option of some kind of driver assistance system. And height-adjustable headrests and a back seat that does not give the impression that it is made of leather-covered mobile phone packaging is certainly appreciated by this clientele. Well, since the production of the models intended for Europe will not start until March, there is still some time for improvements.

After all: Model S drivers don't have to worry about purring through the world in an old car shortly after buying them. 'Technical improvements can simply be installed via software download,' explains Blankenship, still beaming with joy. For example, the Tesla got the creep function known from automatic vehicles when the gear is engaged.

So go ahead now. Start button or even ignition key in the Tesla Model S? My goodness, the post office doesn't use carrier pigeons any more. The Model S uses seat occupancy detection to register the driver, who now only has to step on the brake pedal, then the four-door is ready to start - and how. Immediately tries the maximum torque of 600 Newton metersPulling rubber off the rear 21-inch rims without the thundering background noise that is common in this performance class.

The Tesla Model S sprints to 100 km /h in 4.6 seconds

The 310 kW electric motor balances the 2.1 ton sedan from zero in just 4.6 seconds at 100 km /h, the manufacturer promises. The power unit in the Tesla Model S draws the power it needs from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 85 kWh, on which Tesla grants an eight-year guarantee with unlimited mileage. Due to the monstrous push, it is easy not to question the statements about the performance. However, since a route seldom consists exclusively of straight lines, the Model S should be able to sweep through curves just as easily.

In fact, the Tesla Model S performs this task completely relaxed, the weight only becomes clearly noticeable when braking. The drive technology hidden in the vehicle floor results in a low center of gravity and a balanced weight balance, which is why the stiff and unadaptively tuned limousine can be fired over unsuspecting meandering country roads with low inclination and less mother-in-law-compatible speed.

The Tesla S goes through the www

The aluminum body of the Tesla Model S leaves a stiff impression, and the interior also contains annoying creaking noises. Even brief fears that the huge, touch-sensitive 17-inch monitor might plop out of the slim dashboard turn out to be unfounded. Tesla apparently considers mechanical controls for air conditioning and infotainment to be inappropriate in the best car in the world, which is why the entire infotainment (web-based of course) as well as the air conditioning and the panoramic roof (optional) are operated via the, hm, television.

Nonstop Munich - Stuttgart and back

Despite the monstrous monitor in the Tesla Model S, the occupants at least enjoy a little longer Thanks to the slim A-pillars at the front, you have a magnificent view of the environment that you think you are treating with particular care. According to the US consumption standard, which is somewhat more generous compared to the NEDC cycle, the pleasure should last around 500 kilometers before the Model S has to be plugged in. By the way, there are two power levels (265 or 310 kW), three batteries (40, 60 or 85 kWh) and four equipment lines to choose from for the Tesla Model S. But regardless of this, the pedals and steering wheel are always in their usual place.


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