Techart-Porsche Panamera Turbo S in the test

Achim Hartmann
Techart-Porsche Panamera Turbo S in the test
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Ecology? At most a marginal aspect. Either financial subsidies urge you to buy an electric model or plug-in hybrids, or simply the fun of accelerating. So you think to yourself and casually stomp the accelerator pedal of the Techart Porsche, which has been running extremely quietly, into the doormat.

In flight, the unchanged 100 kW electric motor rented in the gearbox housing is combined with the V8 biturbo -Gasoline engine. The four-liter unit lets the typical, massive eight-cylinder sound tumble out of the titanium tailpipes with a carbon jacket, at the same time the 5.05-meter-long Panamera dives towards the horizon.

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Achim Hartmann
The special wide body of the Grand GT is not only conspicuous and expensive (50,218 euros) , but brings the already not light Sport Turismo to a total weight of 2,463 kg.

And there is not only a lot of length and even more width, but also an immense amount of mass: at 2,463 kg, 119 kg more than the already lumpy one Base. What's going on there? The wide body optics, of course, in roughly equal parts weight, eye-catching and expensive. All the more remarkable: how the Techart Panamera delivers. While the lead in the standard sprint from zero to 100 km /h with two tenths of a second (3.0 s) is manageable, the difference to 200 km /h is already one second. That the souped-up plug-in hybrid now runs 316 instead of 310 km /h (both manufacturer information)? At most relevant to the regular table. The thrust is immense, you can feel almost every decorative seam of the meticulously processed seat covers in the flanks.

Vice versaHowever, when losing speed, the slightly muddy feeling of the brake pedal is once again noticeable, which is due to the transition from recuperation to hydraulic brakes. The delay, however: great. And the handling? Apart from the wider track and the 22-inch wheels (285 /30-22 at the front, 335 /25-22 at the rear), Techart does not change anything on the chassis. Sure, somehow the 2.5 ton machine feels agile; Ultimately, however, there is no direct, finely adjustable power distribution like in an electric vehicle in order to better conceal the high mass - like with the Taycan. Let's see what Techart can come up with for him.


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