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Spofec Rolls-Royce Dawn: a wide-body version of the convertible

Spofec Rolls-Royce Dawn
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A Rolls-Roce D awn already drives in a very special car world per se, he will but transformed into an overdose by Tuner Spofec, a subsidiary of Novitec, the luxury convertible becomes an almost unique experience. Almost only because Spofec wants to produce eight copies of the Bretbaucabrio.

Spofec developed the lines for the wide construction together with designer Vittorio Strosek, who has been responsible for spectacular wide construction models for the past four decades. Carbon was chosen as the material for the body modification.

13 centimeters wider than the series

The new carbon fenders allow the Rolls-Royce Dawn to grow 13 centimeters in width on the rear axle.

With a width of 2.08 meters on the rear axle, the Overdose towers over the production model by a full 13 centimeters. The curved extensions for the rear side walls create space for 10.5x22 inch light alloy rims that are fitted with 295/30 tires. The same design with ten dimensionally offset double spoke pairs is also used on the front axle. Here the standard fenders are exchanged for newly designed specimens that make the open 2 + 2-seater seven centimeters wider on the front axle. The adapted 9x22 inch wheels are fitted with 265/35 tires and can be delivered in any desired color. Newly shaped side sill panels serve as a connecting element between the new fenders, which are intended to emphasize the Dawn's wasp waist. Besides, they leave the refinedCabriolet also appear deeper and more elongated. The rear brakes are supplied with cooling air through an air inlet on each side. The body conversion is rounded off by new aprons on the front and rear. The shape of the front apron and the carbon spoiler lip on the trunk lid are intended to reduce lift and increase driving stability. Matched to the new tires, an additional module lowers the air suspension by 40 mm up to a speed of 140 km /h.

686 PS for the V12 biturbo

But also under the bonnet the Spofec Overdose makes big cheeks. An additional control module for the 6.6 liter twelve-cylinder biturbo modifies the maps for injection and ignition and also moderately increases the boost pressure of the engine. As a result, the test stand spits out 686 hp and a maximum torque of 980 Nm. This reduces the sprint time from zero to 100 km /h to 4.6 seconds and the top speed limit remains unchanged at 250 km /h. The pressure from the center is said to have increased noticeably.

In order to be slow again quickly, Spofec has installed a carbon-ceramic high-performance brake system with internally ventilated discs measuring 405 x 30 at the front and 395 x 38 millimeters on the Rear axle. In addition to a plus in deceleration performance and stability, the stoppers also save 38 kilograms in weight.

If your Rolls-Royce Dawn would like to further customize the interior as well, can choose from leather, Alcantara, carbon and fine wood at Spofec.


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