SpeedKore conversion Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat widebody

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S as a series version, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is a powerhouse : In 2020 it will come with a monstrous 707 hp V8 engine. In addition, the wide body - the widebody - will be standard in the future. Now Speedkore is unveiling its interpretation of the power limousine at SEMA. And it's a sick carbon blast that more than doubles the performance of the production car.

Twin turbo instead of compressor

The 6.2 liter Hellcat supercharged V8 replaces the tuning Firm by an engine based on that of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. It also works with 6.2 liters of displacement and supercharging, but already produces 852 hp as standard and delivers a maximum torque of 1,044 Newton meters. That is far too little from Speedcore's point of view, which is why the compressor has to give way to two billet turbochargers. And also receives new cylinder heads, a different fuel system and a boost pressure control system.

Speedkore /Facebook
Twin turbo instead of compressor: Thanks to Speedkore, the demon motor is finally a device of hell.

What the upgrade of the PS fetishists from Gearhead Fabrications leads to is already in the headline. The power value should be mentioned again at this point because it reads so unbelievably: 1,546 hp. Okay, that's the value that is applied to the crankshaft and not the wheel, but it's still impressive. Especially since, according to Speedkore, it is achieved with a “conservative” 1.8 bar boost pressure. It is not yet known which maximum torque the motor delivers. But it should be just enough to justify the conversion from rear to all-wheel drive. A gearbox adapted to the new drive train is a matter of courseAlso on board.

Exhaust tailpipes in the front bumper

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody from Speedkore also goes its own way with the exhaust concept. It has two exhaust systems. A conventional one that ends in two tailpipes at the rear and is used on the road. And a valve-controlled one that releases the exhaust gases on the driver's side through two tailpipes integrated into the front bumper. An arrangement that is mainly known from drift cars. On the drag strip, it should also provide hot show effects when the Charger Hellcat presumably chases fire over the quarter mile. Incidentally, the specialist Magnaflow is responsible for the creative exhaust and consequently presents the Dodge from Speedkore at its SEMA booth.

The specialty of Speedkore is not even such massive increases in performance. But carbon parts up to complete bodies made from the carbon fiber composite material. In this respect, too, the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat widebody is a great figurehead, after all, the front and rear bumpers, the bonnet, the fender flares and much more are made of the noble lightweight material. And when it comes to the gear train, it finally becomes clear that this car was designed for the fastest possible quarter mile times. The Bogart rims from the Competition Series are covered with rather sticky Mickey Thompson tires, which are street legal.


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