Screen tilts in Tesla Model S and Model X

Tesla releases a video showing a feature for the Model S and Model X that causes marital strife. At least in the video.

Model S and Model X have been on the market for some time now. So far, however, Tesla has been more reluctant to offer large, visible new functions in its luxury class vehicles. This will probably not change in the future either. But it is well known that details make the difference. For example, the 17-inch display on the Tesla Model S and Model X has been able to rotate between the driver and passenger side for some time.

A video that Tesla published on its social media channels shows exactly how this works. There you can see: A couple comfortably seated in a Model X until the man on the passenger side presses a button on the new large touchscreen and the screen suddenly tilts to his side.

While driving or just standing still?

After the driver glares, she presses another button and the large screen tilts to her side. This goes on until both meet in the middle and the touchscreen is sent to the neutral position by both of them together.

On the Tesla website, in connection with the display tilting function, there is talk of cinema experience, which sounds more like a parking lot than a freeway. Whether that would be legal is another matter. The tiltable display is certainly a nice feature during long charging breaks.

Note: In the slideshow we show you what changed in last year's facelift on the Tesla Model X.


Tesla releases a video staging a feature for the Model S and Model X. This allows better use to be made of loading breaks.


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