Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge: only 145 euros per kilo

Rolls-Royce gives the Ghost the Black Badge label. Among gourmets, however, even this luxury glider should be considered a bargain.

When it comes to delicacies and luxury goods, it is quite common to look at the price per kilo. After all, gourmets also want to compare, classify and maybe save a few euros. Although - if we look at a few kilo prices of expensive groceries, "save" might not come out. Would you like a little digression? Okay: First place goes to the white sturgeon caviar with a relaxed 65,000 euros per kilo. A curious specialty takes second place with a price per kilo of 63,000 euros. This is a green tea from China that is fertilized with panda droppings.

So, and what was the purpose of this excursion into the culinary realm? Well, this is about the classification of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge. The Nobel sled, which costs around 360,000 euros, weighs 2,490 kilos. So even donkey cheese (900 euros), moose feta (500 euros) and Bonnotte potatoes (500 euros) are more expensive per 1,000 grams. That's just for you background information in case you need to justify the purchase of this car somewhere. In addition, a Ghost Black Badge can do much more than a potato - for example with a V12 that has been boosted to 600 hp and 900 Newton meters.

45 kilos of paint

It is obvious that Rolls-Royce is giving the Ghost an update of the Black Badge configuration. 27 percent of all Rolls-Royce models delivered worldwide are ordered as Black Badges. Within the portfolio, the Ghost is a real bestseller with 3,500 units sold in the last 12 months. The British themselves describe the new Black Badge Ghost as the most minimalist version of their design philosophy. As is typical of the brand, no effort is too great for them. For the exclusive black paintwork of the coupé, 45 kilos of paint are atomized and applied in several layers. The result: According to their own statements, it is the darkest black currently available in the automotive industry. Rolls-Royce garnished this look with 21-inch wheels made of carbon and aluminum. Carbon also adorns the interior of the Ghost on the steering wheel and dashboard. This is complemented by real wood, leather and, once again, aluminum – freely configurable in terms of color and design, of course. Here and there, the British apply a lemniscate, the horizontal figure eight that serves as a symbol for the Black Badge vehicles. It can also be found in illuminated form (thanks to 152 LEDs) in the indispensable starry sky.,

In this form, the Ghost should not just be dark, but also dynamic. For this, Rolls increases the power of the 6.75-liter V12 by 29 hp to the 600 hp already mentioned above. The power goes to all wheels as well as the steering impulses, in other words: All-wheel drive and all-wheel steering are on board. In addition, the gear ratio and accelerator pedal characteristics are adjusted for better response. In addition, the body rigidity of the Black Badge is greater thanks to the revised aluminum space frame. If you want to call up the full power of the Ghost, you can untie the coupe by pressing the "Low" button. This means that the gas pedal reacts even more sharply, gear changes are handled 50 percent faster and the maximum torque of 900 Newton meters is already available at 1,700 rpm. Then a green tea - if it was fertilized with panda droppings.,


The Black Badge trim level is popular with Rolls-Royce customers - so is the Ghost. Here, so to speak, what belongs together comes together. Among all of the luxury manufacturer's extravagantly designed vehicles at the customer's request, the extra-dark Ghost is indeed to be understood as a certain understatement. In terms of price, this approach only succeeds if you use luxury delicacies as a comparison.


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