Rolls-Royce Ghost: 570 hp bring Emily up to speed

Rolls-Royce Ghost
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Have you always wanted to kick a fat Californian sheep? Then welcome to the R olls-Royce Ghost . Here the fur lies as dense as Guinness foam on the floor and awaits the soles of tailor-made horse leather shoes. Women are said to be known for firing their expensive Manolo Blahnik pumps under the front seats in the Phantom to greedily claw their toes into the ultra-fine wool. So what does the cuddly fur tell us about a Rolls? It's utter luxury, a little inconvenient maybe, but one that feels damn good.

Rolls-Royce Ghost: Relax, feel good and enjoy

Rolls-Royce like no other car manufacturer. Relax, feel good and enjoy - as soon as you get in, when the opposing coach doors open, and especially during the journey. The mighty cruisers from Goodwood haven't had it so far only with the classic pilot joy, the driving pleasure generated from handling and dynamics. Big Ben is more likely to hit 'We will rock you' than to even Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé shines with its driving dynamics. But her automotive majesty now has a little brother, a prince, who Rolls-Royce Ghost. In turn, he is a cousin of the BMW 7er .

The first Rolls-Royce Ghost only had 48 hp

No, really not a brother, that would go too far and would also hit the Rolls-Royce boss on the stomach in terms of marketing . Some even called it baby rolls, which, given its 5.40 meters outer length and 2,360 kilograms, would turn an elephant into a mosquito. As with the big pachyderms, there is unexpected spurt potential in the Rolls-Royce Ghost. His 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 pushes boldly past the model hierarchywith 570 hp more power to the rear axle than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The rapper lets the gold chain swing, but is the sheik's head fluttering? Although in times of crisis they may be happy that there is now a Rolls at - uh - cheaper price. So if Emily flies in the rearview mirror in the future, even some Porsche -Driver clear the left lane. The little lady up there is finally getting up to speed and in ecstasy. Remember: The first Rolls-Royce Ghost from 1906 had only 48 hp. In the last century, the term “sufficient” for the performance of a roll was pure understatement.

At 780 Newton meters, the Rolls-Royce Ghost grabs the driver by the collar

Today, its power reserve can be understood as a well-filled wine cellar. You don't drink the supply all at once, but sip it on special occasions. Sipping is a very cute expression for the moment when 780 Newton meters grab you by the collar like the undercarriage of a jumbo jet taking off. For a brief moment, Emily really seems to take off. Nevertheless, all of this happens with the calmness of a tea party in the bridge club. In the almost meditative silence of the magnificent interior, at the moment of acceleration, when the power reserve display briefly hits the zero line, only a fine, distant, grumpy engine sound blows. As if a 760i was required in the neighboring town. While a flap in the exhaust is usually used to gently wiggle along the noise laws in order to then ignore them with a roar, Rolls-Royce claims to have understood it as a quiet maker.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is firing from all pipes

It has to be just loud enough to hear the servants in front of the country estate during the gritty, cliché approach informed of the arrival of the boss. But the boss not only arrives at home, but also in the automotive presence. If the Rolls-Royce Phantom still indulges in the luxury of technical asceticism, the new spirit fires from all the pipes that the BMW 7 series. Some seem extremely banal (self-supporting body), others in this class a matter of course: air suspension, active roll stabilization and the butter-soft eight-speed automatic from ZF. Should none of the rich complain that his Rolls-Royce has fewer electronic gimmicks than BMW's flagship: head-up display, adaptive cruise control, high beam assistant, lane departure warning and night vision. The latter, with its thermal imaging function, is ideal for observing game at night. Just as a tip forthe hunters among the future ghost pilots.

Rolls-Royce expects 2,000 buyers a year for the Ghost

Despite all the high tech, it remains a real Rolls-Royce if it is elegant and sleek flows through the landscape, breathes over the cracks of frost and the rough pavement whispers. For the first time in the history of the British noble manufacturer, the steering almost completely sheds the vain ignorance that once made the control so nippy. As a result, he will by no means be an agile BMW 7 Series - and he doesn't want it at all. Even if the beautiful black-panel digital display under the black-and-white instruments, the i-Drive controller and the seat control keep reminding you of the cousin, the Rolls-Royce Ghost remains a collector's item that 60 specialists keep for 20 days Working for a long time, laying the finest American woods, tailoring Alpine cowhide, applying six layers of lacquer and checking every detail with white gloves. It is precisely this knowledge that the 2,000 planned customers buy every year - true luxury.


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