Rolls-Royce Droptail: Next ultra-luxury car

BMW has had the Droptail model designation protected for its subsidiary brand. Behind it could hide a new exclusive model.

In the recent past, Rolls-Royce has repeatedly served special customers with very exclusive models. Now a new, special model of the British seems to be announced. A clear indication of this is the registered patent protection for the designation Droptail for use in vehicles at the European Patent Office. The entry was published on July 20, 2022. However, this entry does not give any information about a possible associated vehicle.,


But the part of the name Drop fits perfectly into the Drophead nomenclature for convertibles at Rolls-Royce. The Tail part of the name evokes memories of the special versions Boat Tail and Sweptail , both of which are based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Accordingly, an open luxury liner could also come on a phantom basis under the name Droptail.,

On the other hand, the purely electrically powered Specter is about to premiere with the British. Its market launch may be accompanied by an even more exclusive droptail derivative. No matter what actually comes next - it will be highly exclusive and extremely customizable by the customer. With the price, of course, an extreme house number is to be expected.,


Rolls-Royce is obviously working on a new exclusive model for particularly well-heeled customers. The droptail may already be available on the Spectre's purely electric drive platform.


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