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Rolls-Royce champagne chest: that's how many cars there would be for 42,240 euros

Rolls-Royce champagne chest
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G Grained leather, wood from Tudor oak, aluminum and carbon: the champagne chest from the Bespoke range combines 'the best materials with cutting-edge technology', explains Rolls-Royce in a press release. The body of the chest consists of “aluminum and carbon, supplemented by black, naturally grained leather and wood from Tudor oak.” Individual requests? As with the cars, not excluded.

You also need caviar instead of champagne

It includes four hand-blown champagne goblets and cloth napkins with the “RR” monogram. The outer lid made of Tudor oak transforms into a serving tray with a laser-cut stainless steel insert. In the sides there are Chapagner coolers and canapés. If you want, you can alternatively order the caviar version with two coolers for 30-gram cans, two mother-of-pearl spoons with anodized aluminum handles are also included. Rolls-Royce dealers sell the chest for the equivalent of around 42,240 euros.

Alternatives for 42,240 euros

You have the money, but would rather buy something else? No problem, we have a few automotive alternatives. In one of them you can also cool champagne, in another you can enjoy the champagne in style. Number one : The BMW i3s comes from the same group, also contains wood and carbon and costs almost the same: The electric car is on the list at 41,600 euros and it can even be tempered while charging.

S. Schwell
Even a Pössl Campster can cool champagne.

Number two : The Pössl Campster. The camper van based on the Citroën Spacetourer costs exactly 39,999 euros with the 150 hp diesel, the cool box for 699 euros is extra. There is then space for champagne and caviar - in the box and in the wallet. Behind the darkened panes (200 euros) you can even put the champagne inEnjoy “splendid isolation” - and the people won't see anything. If you spoon the caviar in the pop-up roof, you can even look into the distance.

Number three : The Mercedes C 200 T has a base price of 41,614 euros and its 184 hp four-cylinder -Model exactly on the border between common sense and luxury. The Mercedes is luxury because a Ford Focus tournament transported the family almost as well and quickly for considerably less money. It is sensible because it is neither a six-cylinder nor an E-Class. By the way, champagne can be transported by the crate in the carpeted hold (450 to 1510 liters).

Question of style: Pickup or Rolls-Royce?

Alternative to the Rolls-Royce champagne cooler: a Rolls-Royce.

Number four : The VW Amarok V6 TDI 4Motion has a six-cylinder and space for even more boxes of champagne. The pickup costs 39,443 euros and is a wonderfully unreasonable luxury for anyone who does not run a large business or even lives in the city. This applies to a far greater extent to alternative number 5 : A Rolls-Royce Corniche Cabrio surpasses all alternatives to the champagne chest in terms of number of cylinders and exclusivity. The champagne chest beats an open Rolls-Royce even in state 3 with its expansive appearance, style and the lavish use of wood, leather and metal.


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