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Renault Latitude Driving Report: Competitor for Audi A6 & amp; Co.

Renault Latitude dCi 240 driving report
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D he platform is provided by the Samsung SM5, which was developed with Renault know-how and which came onto the market in Korea in mid-2010. With a length of 4.89 meters, the notchback sedan is exactly the same size as the BMW 5 Series.

Renault Latitude wants to meet high standards

Its elegantly curved roof, always painted black, and rich chrome decorations The radiator grille and the rear emphasize the noble status of the large Renault Latitude, the front of which is reminiscent of the large VW models. You can be satisfied with the amount of space in the rear, as well as with the 477 liter trunk, which can be easily used and can be expanded by folding down the backrests. Piano lacquer surfaces, chrome strips and aluminum applications give the plastic-dominated cockpit of the Renault Latitude a fine coat of paint.

Well-placed switches, clearly arranged instruments and ingredients from the classy drawer such as a reversing camera, navigation device, Bose sound system, three-zone air conditioning and leather seats with massage functions for the driver's back should be in the Renault Latitude meet the demands of spoiled motorists. Because of the high position of the badly profiled, uncomfortable seats, this does not work.

Three engines on offer

In addition to the two-liter petrol engine with 140 hp, the Renault Latitude two diesels coupled with soft-shifting six-speed automatic to choose from. Both the two-liter with 173 hp and the 241 hp three-liter V6 have low compression (16: 1), have the latest common rail technology with multiple injection and a turbocharger with variable blade geometry for rapid pressure build-up.

The V6 in the Latitude pushes hard from 1,500 tours with the power of 450 Newton meters and delivers good performance in the driving report with an acceptable standard consumption (7.2 L /100 km). It also pleases with its cultivated, quiet run and harmonizes well with the character of the Renault Latitude. Despite being more subduedChassis set-up characterized by comfort rather than sportiness.

Renault Latitude can only be leased

Although the Renault obediently and willingly follows the commands of its smooth steering in the driving report, its total numbness prevents any driving pleasure. From January 2011 the Renault Latitude will only be available in this country in a well-equipped initial version with a new sales concept: You cannot buy it, only lease it. Including all maintenance work and without a down payment from around 400 euros per month. Perhaps that will help surpass the modest sales of its predecessor.


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