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Prior Design Tesla Model S Widebody: wide body to stick on

Tuner Prior Design has designed a body kit for the Tesla Model S. The wide body components can be attached without structural intervention and also have the blessing of the TÜV.

Prior Design obviously doesn't get along well with the fact that Tesla designed the Model S so soberly and reservedly despite its dynamic qualities. In any case, the tuner from Kamp-Lintfort identified a certain amount of catching up to do in terms of optics and soon began to mold the corresponding parts from glass fiber reinforced plastic. The result is an expansive widebody set for the Californian electric sedan that makes no secret of the powerful drive - after all, the basic model in the latest expansion stage already has more than 500 hp Set of both bumpers, two spoilers, side skirts, a diffuser and of course - unmissable - the sweeping fender flares. The nice thing about it: If you lose interest in the widebody, you can simply remove the parts again, because they are attached to the original body without structural intervention. The kit fits all models built after 2016. In addition, according to the tuner, the material is particularly easy to paint.

At the latest when the Tesla Model S Plaid with more than 1,000 hp is to be launched from 2022, such a visual preparation is attractive. However, and this should also be mentioned here, the attachment of a widebody set will of course cost range due to its aerodynamically lower efficiency. A good, of which the top model S innately provides a comparatively large amount: the manufacturer states 840 kilometers. You don't just pay for the widebody in kilometers, but also in euros. There are 6,268 in total, plus VAT (then 7,459 euros), assembly and painting. In the end, the costs should be around 10,000 euros.,


Prior Design gives the Tesla Model S the look that matches the performance of the power electric sedan. With the opulent widebody, the electric car, which looks rather simple ex works, no longer hides its performance potential. The multi-part set costs around 10,000 euros including tax, assembly and painting - and a few kilometers of range.


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