New Jaguar XJ (2021) only as an electric model

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New Jaguar XJ (2021)
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J aguar /Land-Rover (JLR) moves Since 2019, its models have been gradually changing over to a new modular longitudinal architecture (MLA). This aluminum platform allows conventional drives with gasoline and diesel engines as mild hybrids, but also plug-in hybrids and pure electric drives. The Jaguar XJ is the first Jaguar model on this MLA platform, with which the company plans to reduce its currently six platforms. The current XJ model still shares the D6a platform with the Jaguar F-Type.

Electric Jaguar XJ with a range of 480 km

The competition for the electric Jaguar XJ is fierce: Audi brings the E -Tron GT (picture, Mercedes the EQS, Porsche has the Taycan in the making.

But the Jaguar XJ is not only a product for JLR The flagship of the brand, it has always been an innovator, which is why the top model comes with an electric drive to compete with the growing competition from the Audi E-Tron GT, Porsche Taycan and Merce of the EQS and Tesla Model S.

XJ is delayed

Originally, the Jaguar XJ was supposed to be presented in 2020 and then be launched as a 2021 model at the end of the year. But these plans are delayed by about a year. The reasons are, on the one hand, the effects of the corona pandemic and, on the other, the company's ongoing difficult situation. In addition, the brand belonging to the Indian Tata group wants to get Jaguar out of the trough with new products and positioning. This also includes, according to a report in the Sunday Times, that 'the company is not cutting significant expenses' because it wants to concentrate on 'its most lucrative vehicles'.

Overall, the JaguarXJ also increase in size and have a large tailgate. The coupé-like line of the XJ is easy to see in the latest pictures. The four-door car has a high window line as well as headlights and daytime running lights in the style of the Land Rover Defender. At the rear are the narrow lights à la Jaguar XE. In a teaser picture from 2019, the lights were connected with an LED strip.

The rear of the new Jaguar XJ.

The Jaguar XJ comes with a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery, which should be good for a range of up to 480 kilometers . It is installed under the seats and comes from a technical cooperation with BMW.

Production of the current Jaguar XJ X351 was officially discontinued in the summer of 2019 after ten years of construction. 'We will use our technical achievements and our know-how to develop the next generation of the Jaguar XJ, which we will announce at a later date,' said the company. More than 120,000 models have been sold since the X351 was launched.

The electric Jaguar XJ rolls off the assembly line at Castle Bromwich, UK. All in the name of history, because the XJ has been designed, developed and built in Great Britain for eight generations. The plant is currently being converted to electric production.

By the way: Several rumors persist:

Number 1: In addition to the electric Jaguar XJ, it will also be conventional in some selected markets Give drives as mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid. In addition, the brand will offer the new Ingenium engines as diesel and gasoline. The top engine here is a three-liter in-line six-cylinder with an electrically operated turbocharger.

Number 2: JLR would launch a Land Rover sister model under the working title 'Road Rover' at almost the same time. As a sedan, this will become the first electric model of the British off-road brand and will also be based on the MLA platform.

Kleber Silva
The Road Rover could become Land Rover's XJ counterpart.


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