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MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Speed ​​8: 772 PS for the British V8

MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Speed ​​8
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I m Bentley Continental GT with the six-liter W12 engine under the hood in the speed version up to 635 hp and 820 Nm. With its four-liter displacement, the small V8 only has 507 hp and 660 Nm. If you still want to annoy the big with the small, it is best to stop by Tuner MTM. There the Briton receives new control software for the eight-cylinder as well as new control software for the automatic transmission. The software measures are combined with a high-performance fuel management system, a new air intake system, two flow-optimized turbochargers and a high-flow stainless steel exhaust system.

772 hp for the V8 biturbo

Tuner MTM brings the V8 version of the Continental to the level of the W12 top model.

All modifications to the V8 add up to a power output of 772 hp and an enormous torque of 950 Nm. This means that the V8 no longer has to hide from the W12. There is also a stalemate when it comes to performance. The inflated V8 runs to 100 km /h in 3.2 seconds, reaches 200 km /h in 10.2 seconds and has a top speed of 330 km /h. The W12 comes to 3.5 seconds and 331 km /h. However, the MTM Continental also outperforms the W12 Speed ​​in terms of price. On top of the basic price of 170,050 euros, MTM adds a conversion price of 64,440 euros. The W12 Speed ​​is in the price list ex works for 216,818 euros.

But MTM has even more to offer for the Bentley. Upon request, the body of the British can be equipped with a carbon splitter for the front apron and a carbon rear spoiler. The cash register then rings with 5,475 and 6,920 euros. An adjustable air suspension system leaves a further 2,050 euros out of the walletdisappear. More big chunks lurk with the carbon-ceramic brake system with 420 discs and six-piston calipers on the front axle at a price of 10,570 euros and the MTM wheelset measuring 10.5x21 inches with Michelin sports tires measuring 285/35 for a price of 4,960 euros .

Complete vehicle from around 265,000 euros

The pleasure of driving an MTM Bentley Continental GT Birkin Speed ​​Eight with a V8 engine adds up to 264,465 euros. The tuned Brit is almost at the price level of the Continental top model Supersports W12, which offers 710 hp and 1,017 Nm and a top speed of 336 km /h for 264,775 euros.


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