MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport in the test

Rossen Gargolov
MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport in the test
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D he bucket seats press mercilessly into the flanks , say: We don't give in a millimeter, not one. The V8 engine grumbles sullenly at the far too long idling, it wants to go. But yes, after all, the 20-inch cup tires are no longer missing much for the optimal operating temperature - what a station wagon!

A station wagon? Yup. One from the all-rounder category. A lap of the Nordschleife? Please. Driving comfortably in everyday life, taking care of the family with practicality and safety anyway, and on top of that, suggesting wickedness with a faked off-road vehicle look. At least the latter is spared the Audi RS 6 Avant, otherwise almost nothing. All the more impressive that it thunders over our reference track in Hockenheim in 1: 14.4 minutes. But why just downgrade such a multi-talent? Misuse it? After all, the sole of a proper leather shoe is also good for knocking corks out of wine bottles.

MTM-Audi RS6 Clubsport is slimming

Tuner MTM - maximally receptive to unusual ideas - so knits those RS 6 to the clubsport variant. The omission of the rear seat and lightweight carbon shells for the driver and front passenger save 13 kilograms, although 1,997 kilograms are still left. Sounds a bit like a chain smoker would go without two fluffs a day? Well, since Nissan taught us with the GT-R that the mass of high agility can be beneficial. MTM threw out the air suspension and instead screwed height-adjustable springs (a specialty of the house developed with KW) under the body, which is now 25 millimeters lower at the front and 20 millimeters lower at the rear. Then there are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires - and hey presto, the MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport is already driving around corners.

Admittedly, the current RS 6 is already pretty much in the series trim clever, but the modifications make the driving behavior more dramatic. Pointed? No, the steering simply lacks the will to do so, it remains a bit lazy, as is typical of the brand, and at best offers satisfactory feedback. The slightly reduced body movements as well as the better grip of the tires simply allow more precise milling of curve radii, including even more precise braking and easier turning. The MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport can even be brought into position a little by changing the load, the so-called sport differential on the rear axlesupports the steering impulse through the corresponding horizontal distribution of the drive torque.

MTM has 782 HP version up its sleeve

It's only like accelerating out, because here even the sparingly profiled soles lose the fight against the front-heavy weight distribution in combination with too much steam on the front axle.

Who thinks, oh, with all-wheel drive I just hit the gas a few meters earlier, sledding with the MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport happily understeering towards the outside of the bend. A mistake by MTM? No, rather an extremely conservative design of the control electronics of the all-wheel drive, which sends too much power forward too early. And there is plenty of power in the four-liter TFSI engine of the MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport. In addition to an additional control unit, turbochargers with widened exhaust ducts and a larger compressor wheel now compress the air before it meets atomized Super Plus in the combustion chambers.

Also new: the exhaust system from the turbochargers, equipped with metal catalysts. Through them, the V8 of the MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport now plays virtuously on the large bass guitar of the engine construction, growls and roars, and on top of that, thunders when taking the gas off. Only the performance clearly missed expectations, and so did the lap time.

Better than the 722 PS variant? No chance at 35 degrees Celsius air temperature. In the mild nights of the test period, however, the MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport feels much more comfortable, especially above 230 km /h with a force that even hot front-wheel drive cars only realize in oil-damp dreams. The MTM-Audi RS 6 Clubsport owes the proof for the time being, which is less due to him and more due to the circumstances.

But since MTM boss Roland Mayer wants to have a 782 hp version ready soon, the second chance is not too far off. Then may the bucket seats grab again.


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