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Mercedes Vision EQS: First outlook on the electric S-Class

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F it used to be the S-Class that came with innovations such as ABS , Airbags and ESP have always represented the technical non plus ultra in automotive engineering. In the future, the EQS will probably take on the pioneering role. The large sedan is the first model to be based on Daimler's new modular electric architecture for luxury class models - called EVA2 (Electric Vehicle Architecture) in-house. This has nothing in common with the modified combustion platform of the EQC, but, like the MEB from VW, is a pure electric platform, variable in terms of wheelbase and track width. The core element here is also a battery box in the vehicle floor, scalable in size and capacity. Thanks to the skateboard-like structure, the platform is suitable for different vehicle concepts from the electric mid-range sedan to the full-size SUV.

Sports car values ​​for the luxury limo

The EQS show car has the largest possible battery capacity of 100 kWh “+ x” on board - more precisely wants Mercedes will not be due to competition reasons. Just this much: the net capacity should also be more than 100 kWh. The dimensions of the concept car, however, suggest that there is especially space for the battery between the axles: the wheelbase is 3.26 meters. The study is around 5.30 meters long and 2.08 meters wide, only remains within the frame at a height of just under 1.44 meters. Visually, the EQS is not half as bulky as the dimensions suggest. The rounded shape at the front and rear, the drawn-in waist and the flowing roof graphic cleverly hide how much volume is enclosed here. The viewer only notices that the rims are a whopping 24 inches when looking at the side of the tires.

Thanks to the particularly streamlined shape and new, efficient electric motors on the front and rear axles, a range of up to 700 kilometers should be achieved WLTP be possible. That would mean, however, that the 'x' is more than 15 kWh. Because even if one assumes a very low consumption of 16 kWh /100 km for a vehicle of this caliber, the drive would need 112 kWh for 700 kilometers.

The EQS should only be that economical if the driver the 350 kW system power and over 760 Nm maximum torque not exhausted. Then the EQS accelerates with itsaccording to Mercedes, fully variable all-wheel drive from zero to 100 km /h in under 4.5 seconds. In addition, the electric sedan should be well over 200 km /h. With so much power, the perfectly balanced weight distribution of 50:50 and the low center of gravity, the future EQS promises to become the more agile S-Class in terms of lateral dynamics.

The lines are more reminiscent of a four-door coupé than a classic sedan.

Fast charging in 20 minutes

Because the driver himself gets a battery with significantly more than 100 kWh empty very quickly, the study on a 350 kW fast charger should can be charged to 80 percent within just 20 minutes. This is made possible by an 800-volt electrical system, which is very likely to make it into the production model. However, the high charging currents are a heavy load on the battery cells . Porsche has therefore reduced the maximum charging power of the Taycan by a third, and we are curious to see who will be the first to get this problem under control.

Like the S-Class, the EQS is built in Sindelfingen while the batteries are in place from Accumotive. With this subsidiary, Daimler wants to guarantee CO2-neutral production.

A mighty armature protrudes into theInterior and houses only eight slot-shaped air vents.


A proverbial highlight of the EQS are the further developed HD projector headlights with two holographic lenses each. These rotate at well over 2000 revolutions per minute and, with 500 individually controllable light-emitting diodes per headlight, create a three-dimensional hologram that appears to float freely in space. Sounds like science fiction, but it already works in the current Maybach S-Class with HD headlights. These are able to project symbols onto the roadway, for example to point out their own lane width in construction sites or danger spots.

Light is more than the new chrome

Also enables of the study a circumferential strip of light and the digital matrix grill with its 940 LEDs an interaction between the vehicle and the environment. For example, the EQS signals that it is driving autonomously on the motorway thanks to Level 3 functions.

The interior is airy and stylish. The wide center console separates the passengers.

Next MBUX with giant display

Meanwhile, the occupants can experience the next generation of the MBUX infotainment can be entertained and guided. In addition to enhanced voice control, an approximately 20-inch touch screen in the center console becomes the command center. In addition, narrow screens embedded in the doors either show the images from the rearview mirror camera or are also used for infotainment control.


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