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Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé in the driving report: Out and about in the most expensive S-Class

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé in the driving report
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O dear, that doesn't look good. The red and green control lights of the switch for the active suspension of the Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé light up at the same time. A defect? No, but a kind of intermediate mode, as it quickly turns out, what luck. This so-called curve inclination function is a specialty of the AMG adaptation of the active ABC chassis in combination with the stereo camera. It scans the course of the curve up to 15 meters in advance and causes the body to tilt in a targeted manner instead of counteracting it. What for? Legitimate question. “The goal is not to achieve higher cornering speeds, but an even more pleasant driving experience,” says AMG.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé with 1,000 Nm torque

Well then. In any case, it quickly turns out that the sport mode for chassis and drive fits the Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé much better than the other V12 models of the sport subsidiary. As soon as the mighty six-liter colossus is started, it rages more vehemently and angrily, shedding any distinction that is usually inherent in engines of this category.

Of course, when the 5.03-meter-long two-door takes off, the modified one scurries Seven-speed automatic converter as quickly as possible into the longest translation, keeps the speed level low, after all, at 2,300 revolutions the ridiculousness of 1,000 Newton meters is already there. In words: a thousand. In numbers: also. All wheel drive? Nope. The rear wheels alone, at least 20 inches in diameter and 285 millimeters wide, have to deal with it. They do this pretty well, but not so well that the S65 could outperform the S63 with 4matic and MCT transmission in the standard sprint - 4.1 to 3.9 seconds. Welcome to another world.

In any case, it is very careful that the seats of the Coupé are wonderfully thickly padded, otherwise the force of the acceleration would probably crack one or the other vortex. While the engine takes a short breath, the driver should do too, because then the Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé stomps forward aggressively, zooms through the world, and if necessary, speeds up to 300 km /h.

A giant machine with tremendous dynamism

If the Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé drives significantly slower, it is noticeable that the active chassis does not offer the ultimate suspension comfort, the inmates, for exampleTransverse joints can clearly be felt, which is why the sport mode can be activated immediately. So let's let it fly a little longer, which has a very special charm in such a huge machine, because the dynamics experienced and optical mass do not really want to match.

Every time the brakes are applied to the sometimes very tight bends in the hill not far from the coast of California, the unit, which is charged with 1.5 bar, snorts angrily, the gearbox quickly flips down two gears, the long front end bends jaggedly Steering, however, owes a little feedback. Now just don't hit the gas too early, otherwise the long tail will be lost, it's better to work progressively than digitally. And again and again this crazy power, the knowledge of the monstrance of the engine.

Actually, however, the S63 Coupé is already considered the rebel among the S-Classes. So the question remains where exactly the S65 AMG Coupé actually wants to go. The fact that the ABC switch can light up red and green at the same time therefore seems a bit symbolic for the entire car - which is likely to interest buyers who can put around a quarter of a million euros on the table as much as the next date for the Collection of waste paper.


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